Burning Fat Is A Natural Process Toward Body Ideal Weight

by Tanya Harding
(San Francisco, California, US)

As a child and teenager I was very skinny. I did not have to worry about what I ate or how food might affect me. But as I became an adult and throughout the years that has changed. It is obvious that I am not alone.

When I see friends from my childhood days at reunions and such I am sometimes amazed at the ways they have changed physically.

As children we of course are growing and our bodies require food in order to generate the new tissues and cells. That formation uses the bulk of our calories. Add that to the fact that most children are active and many are picky eaters and you have skinny children.

But as we age we slow down in many ways. Our bodies stop growing for the most part and many of us are not as active. Additionally, we tend to develop tastes for a more varied diet. And because we are not as busy we have more time to eat.

By now it is becoming very clear how we, as adults become overweight. Even as adults our bodies are constantly generating the formation of new cells and tissue. Plus, simply because our bodies are alive they need to burn calories in order to maintain the required functions of life.

So when we consume food our body decides what can be used immediately for maintenance of sustaining life and what can be stored. Much of what is stored is stored as fat.

It is possible to burn the energy from the stored fat cells but only after the body has used what is readily available. You see, the body is well designed and those stored cells can be used for survival if that ever becomes necessary.

It is similar to you having money in a savings account. You live off of your regular income and only use the savings account funds when necessary.

Your body can tap into that reserve if you are exercising or burning more calories than usual. Muscles burn more calories even while you are at rest so building some muscle mass will not only help you look good it will also make fat loss easier.

Another way to burn those fat cells is by eating fewer calories over a period of time. This is best accomplished by eating several smaller meals a day.

Always start your day with a light breakfast; this will give your metabolism a needed boost.

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Updated: September 5, 2013 — 4:53 pm

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