Burn Fat with Resistance Training

All it takes to supercharge your workout is doing some type of resistance training 20 minutes 3 times a week. Resistance training is effective at burning fat and calories, building muscle and melting inches.

The Effect of Resistance Training

The after burn and healing of the stretched muscle is what makes resistance training effective at increasing the metabolism to burn more calories and build muscles mass. For each pound of muscle you add, you will burn an additional 50 calories per day. While that might not seem like a lot, it does add up and can either allow you an extra in terms of food or condiments for the day or can be used as banked calories saved for a better weight loss effect.

The more oxygen you take in, the more fat you will burn off, regardless of the physical activity you choose.

Positive Effects of Resistance Training

  • Lose weight by burning extra calories every day
  • Reduce your waist size
  • Reduce your risk of diseases related to obesity
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Develop stronger bones
  • Tighten skin to prevent sagging
  • Decrease your BMI

The Problem with Resistance Training

Resistance training is not a substitution for cardio exercise. When combine with cardio exercise, however, the effect is faster weight loss and more inches lost. Resistance training is a short-lived activity for some people because the initial effect can be a weight gain while you add muscle and your body adjusts to the new activity. You will likely see a difference in how your clothes fit and the circumference of your waste, hips and thighs, but the results will not show up on the scale right away and that is how much people judge their weight loss success.

Examples of Resistance Training Activities

  • Water aerobics
  • Using an exercise ball during ab exercises
  • Circuit training
  • Using dumbbells and other free weights to build muscle
  • Using your own body as a tool to build up and slim down
  • Using an elastic exercise band to add resistance to your workout

Tips for Effective Resistance Training

  • Seek an expert trainer to get started
  • Always skip a day between resistance workouts to allow muscles to repair themselves
  • Warm up before resistance training and stretch after
  • Use slow, rhythmic movements for best results
  • Visualize the muscle you are training
  • Increase weights and repetitions as they become easier to do
  • Work only large muscle groups during your weight loss phase
  • Work smaller muscles to tone and tighten your body after weight loss occurs

Always make your workout about quality over quantity to get effective weight loss results. Resistance training, when done correctly, allows you to lose inches fast, see results almost immediately and boost your metabolism to burn more fat and calories every day.

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