1. thanks for the info bro thats interesting that yuo weigh more after
    training or the same before wow I always thought that training running too
    lose weight but just realised that its all got too do with diet thanks for
    the enlightenment

  2. I like smoothies but mine are closer to 400 calories…I put in a frozen
    banana,an orange, a pear and about 250ml of almond milk. Then some ice and
    a little bit of water and half a teaspoon of Truvia natural sweetener.

  3. Hi Harley. I thought you said somewhere not to drink more than 1 liter of
    water per hour (at the Woodstock fruit festival)? That’s how I long I take
    to drink my morning liter. Did you just drink yours there in less than

  4. Hi, one of your best every Harley! Very deep stuff!!!! Maybe next time just
    for fun, you can do that same thing, BUT have a scale that measures your
    FAT % , that would be fascinating actually, i think it might go DOWN as you
    add more physical weight of food, but since it is such low fat, that your
    body fat would go down, NOW THAT would motivate people onto this diet
    FoShizzle! 🙂 peace, you are doing a great job, I had a vision of you a
    second ago on Oprah and saving many lives, peace.

  5. wow that is awesome

  6. best video:)

  7. That’s just silly. I heard there was one person who gained 30 kilos on 811!
    Natural fluctuation? lol

  8. Is eating meat really so bad? Mark over at stoptherobbery2 used to promote
    the vegan lifestyle but has lately praised the consumption of meat from
    cattle that aren’t grain fed and pumped full of growth hormones and
    antibiotics, and are instead put to pasture in clean environments.
    Obviously I can understand not eating meat from a moral standing, but I’m
    wondering if the explosion of the fast food industry coupled with
    trash-filled meat in the supermarket has distorted our view somewhat.

  9. Is corn allowed on the 811rv diet? In salads for example?

  10. I don’t think so not deficient

  11. you must take massive dumps bro

  12. I used to do a lot of competitive kickboxing, in weight categories you’d
    get the really tall muscular people in the same category as the tiny
    people. When I was green I ask one of them how he managed it. He smiled and
    said that in the week before the comp if he was thirsty he just wet his
    lips but not drink. Restricting his water would drop him into any category
    he wanted. If boxers are over the weight of their category on weigh in day
    they go skip in the sauna to loose water weight.

  13. Amazing video…;) loved it

  14. Grape juice is actually my favourite, especially freshly juiced green
    grapes; I always keep those pasteurized juice boxes as a back up because
    they last a long time.

  15. BAHahahaHA….i dated this vegetarian guy once who turned out to be raw
    food phobic. he accused me of clogging his toilet and said I should pay for
    his plumbing system when we broke up and it broke down. It never clogged
    after I used it, but hey, maybe the yard isn’t a bad idea, just so I don’t
    stay single forever. Thanks DR!! ; )

  16. ladycalliereneegaspe

    Pulse blending. Thanks!

  17. That cane juice looks excellent, Harley.


  19. HEEEEEEEEEEELP! There is a GNC Whey Protien ad right next to your video.

  20. I guess a lot of people don’t deserve to use scales then, including me.
    Funny, because I’ve used scales to help me lose 75lbs of body fat over the
    last 400 days.

  21. Still waiting for that 30lb in a day weight gain challenge.

  22. Good video. Weight can fluctuate but over time people that are ‘overweight’
    should still see a generally downward trend on the scale. It’s natural that
    people want to see that their efforts are having success. Even with muscle
    gains they’re usually fairly slow 1 lb a month muscle gain is reasonable. I
    also use a body fat monitor. Also be patient as we usually ate crap for
    decades so it’s not going to happen overnight.

  23. lol…

  24. 13 pulses, 1300 calorie smoothie, I see you haha

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