Build Your Body Without Protein Shakes

by Harvey Bond
(Miami, Florida, US)

Whenever you go into a health food store, the one thing that you’re going to see lining the shelves and usually on the large display right at the front of the store are protein shakes.

These shakes come in large containers that sometimes resemble a small barrel or keg.

For people who are exercising regularly and trying to pack on muscle naturally, taking this protein has become almost a religious experience.

Most of them can not imagine going a day without taking a protein shake, probably three or four of them before the day is over.

Although I am not debating the fact that your body needs protein in order to grow and to survive, what I am debating is whether it is really necessary for you to take protein in the form of an unnatural shake.

Even eating meat regularly, although it will give you the “protein” that you need, is only giving you protein that is dead on the inside. Why is that the case?

The food that we eat whenever it is in it’s natural, raw form contains a variety of different enzymes and amino acids that our body needs in order to grow, digest food properly and to be as healthy as possible.

If we cook food at over 115°, we destroy the enzymes that are in the food and they become inactive. Although we are officially getting the protein that we need by eating these things, it is dead protein and it is not doing what our body needs for it to be doing for the most part.

A much better idea is for you to get your protein through natural sources that still have the enzymes intact.

Since the body is unable to truly assimilate protein without breaking it down into its basic building blocks, it is a better idea for you to get those building blocks directly so that your body can absorb them and assimilate them properly.

This is done by eating a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as nuts, seeds and sprouts.

Many of us would consider this to be counterproductive but if you just give it a test for a couple of weeks and put the protein shakes away, you will experience muscle growth that is truly natural.

Instead of seeing your muscles shrivel up and go away, you will see them grow larger and larger because of the way that you are feeding them.

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Updated: July 20, 2013 — 12:08 am

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