1. hell man i preciate da info lookin forward to learnin more..thx again!

  2. Your day would have a better start and that would mean better performance.

  3. Don’t have anything in your stomach before a fight or sparring match, or
    any extreme physical activity.

  4. What about gaining weight the right way? Cause my coach told me to gain 10

  5. Alright, Appreciate it.

  6. You can read the free guide, it will answer many of your questions.

  7. If you’re going out running, I would not advise eating bananas, as they are
    high in sodium and can make running harder to bare because of the Stitches
    sodium gives you

  8. may i know aside from banana, is there any fruit or drink you can recommend
    me in pre-workout? May i know is it good to drink 100 plus during the
    workout too?

  9. Personally I have a small black coffee before training, works a treat.

  10. Whichever one you can cut weight too. Either light heavy or cruiser.

  11. Sorry, I keep forgetting the differences between amateurs and pro weight
    classes. Yes, you could be in either of those as well.

  12. what fish exactly? i mean may i know what kind of cooking am i gonna do for
    the fish?

  13. I would look on Google. There are many simple and healthy recipes out there.

  14. Exactly! Your diet has such an impact on your physical performance.

  15. Thnx mann really need to loose weight so i can start fighting! 🙂

  16. guess that were they get the protein lmfao

  17. its great how you reply to comments everytime 🙂 thanks for being helpful.
    i was wondering what are your views about following intermittent fasting
    while training to box. i know energy levels can be an issue, but how i work
    on it is i lift and condition early morning, start eating at like 3pm and
    train at 4:30pm, have you ever tried it, i know it is what works for you
    best but i jus wanna know your view on it 🙂 thanks

  18. Some of the fighters I know do it to make weight for competition but that’s
    it. You’re right about it potentially affecting your performance levels.

  19. I’m a skinny guy and i’m trying to gain weight and muscle, but i don’t want
    to loose any strength and speed on my punches. I hear a lot about catch
    weight complains in boxing. What’s the best way to prevent this, and to
    know what my natural weight class should be.

  20. What’s the best foods to eat in order to burn extra calories ppl have told
    me slot of vegetables and water so I don’t retail water after

  21. Fruits and vegetables. Calories are burned from exercises, not necessarily
    eating. Eating right will also help to keep the calories off. Your diet
    plays a big role in your body weight.

  22. Train right, eat right. Wherever your weight falls will be just fine.

  23. snack on some nuts lol….good advice honestly

  24. not about the nuts lol

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