Bowflex Revolution Exercises – Which Have the Biggest Effect?

There are so many Bowflex Revolution exercises available these days, that it can be hard to choose which exercises to pick. Then we aren’t even talking about making a workout schedule.

This article goes into various Blowflex Revolution routines, which routines have the biggest effect in terms of losing weight and increasing health. You can also find a sample workout here that affects all parts of your body.

Compound Exercises

The most convenient method to get good results from your exercises, is to use compound routines. A compound routine is an exercise that moves multiple joints throughout the process.

An example of a compound routine is the Bench Press. In this exercise, you will move both your elbow and shoulder joints. In doing so, you are using your chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps muscles.

Isolation Exercises

Contrary to this, you can do an isolation exercise where you only move one joint. The Chest Fly is an example of an isolation exercise. Only your shoulder joint will be moving throughout this exercise. You only need to use your chest muscles (and your shoulder muscles a bit) in order to move your shoulder joint.

Example Workout Circuit Training

Below, I provide a sample workout. Through this, you can exercise no less than four muscle groups by doing a Bench Press, as opposed to only one when doing a Chest Fly.

In the first period, only execute this circuit once. Later, you can start to do it twice, but only after you found you can do the whole circuit without resting between the individual exercises.

Just in case you also do cardio exercises, then it’s best to do them before your circuit training. This makes your circuit training less difficult and also ensures that your body burns more fat.

Calves – Seated calf raises – 14-16 times

Chest – Bench press – 14-16 times

Back – Wide pulldowns – 14-16 times

Biceps – Seated calf raises – 14-16 times

After taking a rest for two to three minutes, continue as follows:

Thighs – Leg press – 14-16 times

Shoulders – Seated shoulder press – 14-16 times

Triceps – Close grip bench press – 14-16 times

Abdominals – Abdominal crunch – 20-30 repititions

Follow these Bowflex Revolution exercises and you’ll be on your way to a slimmer and fitter body.

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