Botox Dangers That You Should Know About

by Sally Bone
(San Diego, California, USA)

Risks are inevitable in all medical procedures. Whenever you submit yourself to therapies, there are always consequences related to it. Even simple treatments like BOTOX have significant complications that can lead to fatalities.

BOTOX dangers can range from mild to severe. And rarely, it can even lead to the demise of a patient.

So to avoid mishap in the procedures, you need to have a good Botox practitioner who can ensure safety in the treatment process.

Minor Dangers

There are minor side effects in the use of BOTOX. Not many patients can feel these, but some do occur in rare instances. The risks include:

* minor swelling in the area of injections
* possible bruising around the site of injection
* tingling sensation in the injected areas
* mild numbness (often feared as paralysis)
* little to no improvements after the treatment
* temporary headache
* transitory nausea
* flu-like symptoms (cough, colds and possible fever)
* drooping eyelids or eyebrows (can last up to three weeks)

These minor dangers seldom occur. If they do, the patient may have rubbed the injection site or may have reacted to the “drug” that was administered.

Major Health Concerns

Major health problems occur when the BOTOX itself reacts with the medications taken by the patient. It is best to inform your doctors if you are taking any of these: antibiotics, herbal remedies, Alzheimer’s drugs, anti-inflammatory medications, and cardiovascular drugs.

Additionally, BOTOX can become a threat to your health if you have neuromuscular problems or you are currently pregnant during BOTOX administration. A careful assessment is therefore necessary to avoid such circumstances.

Fatal Health Risks

BOTOX can possibly reach some areas of the body and cause paralysis. If it reaches the lungs, it can lead to respiratory arrest; or if it reaches some other vital organs like the heart, it can cause paralysis to that area.

Only a good BOTOX therapist can prevent fatalities from happening. Therefore, you are in need of a qualified therapist to rid yourself of this serious problem.

Speak To The Physician

The best thing that you can do is to search for the most excellent BOTOX practitioner in your area. He should not only be the finest but also a credible doctor who has much understanding of the BOTOX therapy.

All health conditions should be reported to the physician so necessary measures can be taken before the BOTOX treatment. This way, effective treatment can be achieved and BOTOX dangers are avoided.

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Updated: October 28, 2012 — 12:56 am

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