Botox And Deep Acne Scars

by Sue Bond
(Philadelphia, USA)

Botox works in mysterious ways. It first came out to be an effective treatment for strabismus in the 1950’s. And later on, it proved to be a successful therapy for many other disorders. One of its recent advancements is in cosmetics.

Aside from treating wrinkles, it is now considered to remove ugly marks on your skin. BOTOX and deep acne scars is now very controversial because the medical world may have found the most convenient way for completely eradicating blemishes on the skin.

An Experiment

Late this year, a study was conducted to prove BOTOX’s efficacy in treating wounds. Subjects with facial wounds were treated with both saline and BOTOX. Results showed that a faster healing process was noted with BOTOX.

Improvements in the wounds were scaled 8.9 out of 10 that it stirred the minds of many experimentalists. Today, more and more studies are being conducted to link BOTOX with the effectiveness of healing acne scars.

How BOTOX Treat Acne Scars

Many were amused with the efficacy of BOTOX in treating scars. The reason why it helps treat wounds is actually very basic. Whenever the skin gets wounded, tight muscles around the cut result as a normal feedback mechanism of our body.

Unfortunately, this tight muscle leads to the development of the scar. To prevent this from happening, BOTOX needs to be administered right after wound closure to relax the muscles around the gash.

For 2 to 4 months, BOTOX is injected around the area of scar to ensure total healing and to lessen the incidence of deep acne scarring.

Further Treatments

The size and depth of scars aren’t only related to the tight muscles supporting it during the healing phase. Several other factors, like collagen loss and muscle strain, can cause deep tissue damage.

Because of this, BOTOX treatment for scars is given together with cosmetic fillers. The latter fills in the place of the scar to give it a flush and natural look with the rest of the skin.

Today, this type of treatment is slowly implemented in many dermatologic clinics. It has proven to be a safe and effective remedy to reduce scars. Ugly blemishes can now be treated through this convenient healing technique.

Smart Choice

BOTOX and deep acne scars are given much attention today because it is deemed to be a more convenient way to treat scars. Not one drug or other forms of therapy has proven to be as efficient as the BOTOX treatment.

It is never a wonder why many people trust the use of BOTOX not only for acne scars but for other health conditions as well.

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Updated: December 4, 2013 — 9:08 am

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