The general idea of Bodybuilding is to develop the size of the muscles to resemble the ultimate in The Physical Body. This is done through training with heavy Weights, to put the maximum resistence on the muscles. It does seem though that muscles have got to gigantic proportions and have started to look some what abnormal. Has this sport reached its limit and gone beyond normal.

There are those that set out from the start to build enough muscle mass to be able to compete and hopefully win at competition level. These are the professional Bodybuilders and this takes extreme dedication and a lot of hardcore training. To build the type of muscles that competition dictate the work doesn’t stop at the gym, diet is also very important as body fat control is vital to achieve good muscle definition. To prepare for a competition a bodybuilder will have a strict diet leading up to the event and will need to get a tan and before actually going on stage for their routine will oil up. The deeper skin colour along with the oil tends to give the muscles more depth and definition.

As you can see to be a competing Bodybuilder it is not any different from the commitment needed for any athlete. But the vast majority of Bodybuilders just want to grow big muscles for the love of big muscles. These are Amateur Bodybuilders and most who stick at it can build a body to be proud of, but even at this level it takes a lot of hard workouts to get big.

The problem that does arise for the amateur is lack of knowledge and the body can easily get out of proportion. There tends to be those that work hard on their chest and bicep development because may be it is their favorite exercise and they end up with big upper arms a puffed out chest and small shoulders with skinny legs. Not the ideal looking physique, this is just an example you may get the opposite with huge legs and a skinny upper body.

For the aspiring Bodybuilder care needs to be taken to develop the body in proportion, this is achieved by a good balanced Workout Routine. If a particular muscle group seems to develop easily then it is not this one that gets all the attention however tempting it is, instead it is the hard to develop muscle groups which ever they may be for any one individual that need the special attention and extra hard work. Bring the slacking muscles up to speed with the easily developing ones, this will assure better proportion.

For size there are three main exercises that will pack on mass for the whole body. These are the squat, which although is primarily a leg exercise will work the whole body to some extent. The Squat is known as the King of mass, when it comes to adding bulk. The bench press is also another mass building exercise as is the deadlift. So if it is size that you want then these are a must in your Bodybuilding routine.

One major thing to avoid when working out at this body busting level is Anabolic Steroids, stay away from them, they are dangerous and can have many distressing side effects. There are some that use them to achieve great size, but they should never be taken other than for medical reasons.

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