1. Sounds good bro! Pretty much what I’m stackin for May…

  2. @sinz187 lol

  3. “what ever yall wanta look like, thats what you gota eat” they dont sell
    arnold shwartzaniggaz down at asda!

  4. @yeeaaabuddy Schwarzenegger*

  5. One thing about Set Feroce is that he always say “keep things simple and
    don’t get too fancy.” Yeap! That’s exactly how it is! Seth’s the man!

  6. me podeis acer una traduccion al español? thank you

  7. How these guys deprive themselves to get shredded is just amazing. BBs love
    to eat that’s fo sho.

  8. This guy only relies on drugs mostly..

  9. @liftuntilfail what are you? SteroidR4Losers 2nd account? if you dont
    appreciate how hard it is to bodybuild dont post anything

  10. @liftuntilfail Yeah, you just take a pill and you wake up like that.

  11. He for got to say sus250 and 6dbols a day 🙂

  12. @PkCorey lmao

  13. @TheShale187 Dude? Shut the fuck up. Im sorry your ignorant and dont know
    the truth? how can you appreciate their work? its fucking chemical warfare
    but your to ignorant to know that cause they got you believing you can only
    take a bit of steroids to get like jay cutler. Funny joke man, and who said
    i didnt appreciate them regardless? I bodybuild and compete. But most of
    the professionals are jacked on a fuck ton of hormones and WILL Die just
    watch. go read interviews.

  14. Im not gonna argue with anyone. You have your opinion but then again have
    you gotten into to the true world of pro bodybuilders?

  15. I liked this video. I’ve been focusing on my diet for the past 2 months and
    have gotten way huge and stayed cut but I feel like there’s a lot more I
    need to learn about nutrition.

  16. @liftuntilfail LMFAO did I EVER say i take any supplements. Im a clean
    bodybuilder like Jim Cordova

  17. Peanut butter healthy? Maybe raw….

  18. @liftuntilfail lol thx for the entertainment.

  19. steroids4champions

    @k0kan3 raw? of course peanut butter is healthy

  20. @k0kan3 natural almond butter. has tons of healthy fats

  21. @k0kan3 he says natural peanut butter

  22. yah all natural peanut butter would be healthy dude, how bout you learn a
    little about your foods…

  23. @TheShale187 Taking supplements makes you dirty? 99.999999% of bodybuilders
    at least take protein and or creatine supplements. Infact, even every
    regular gym monkey takes them.

  24. @PkCorey looooooooooooooooooool

  25. how do u get this big and ripped?

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