Bodybuilding Competition Diet

This is probably the most difficult part of contest preparation. Working out is a one or two hour a day process, but dieting is for twenty-four hours a day. It is also more expensive than eating a normal, balanced diet. You are dealing with expensive supplements, expensive vitamins and expensive foods. You must also exercise a great deal of willpower… but isn’t that what bodybuilding is all about?

The goal of this diet is to lose the maximum amount of body fat as possible, all the while maintaining your lean muscle mass. You will lose some muscle tissue on this diet, the typical ratio being one pound of muscle lost to every three pounds of body fat. Proper supplementation will decrease this muscle loss.
The term of the diet is determined by individual needs. Those with more body fat may require eight to twelve weeks of dieting, or the low body fat physiques may require only four weeks. To enhance the fat loss, increase your cardio workouts in length, intensity and frequency. Perform your cardio on an empty stomach as it will cause your body to burn stored fat.

The author of this diet proposes that you eat six small meals per day with all complex carbohydrates consumed in the morning and early afternoon. After 2:00PM only protein should be eaten.

It is also recommended that up to two or more gallons of sodium free water be drunk daily.

The dietary allowance of carbohydrates is gleaned from eating yams, celery, carrots, and leafy green vegetables. No refined flour, no rice, no refined sugars of any kind. Sodium intake should be minimized.

Reduce the daily intake of carbohydrates each day in the week before the contest in an effort to “peak” just before the contest day.

The author further recommends taking potassium supplements four times daily, as well as five grams of L-Glutamine.

On the day before the contest, take in very small meals and cut your water intake to ½ gallon up until 6:00 PM, after which you only sip small quantities as needed for thirst.

Some competitors take raw honey or natural peanut butter for quick energy and muscle fullness.
The recommended supplements to be taken daily:

• Protein Powder – the type that is pure protein, no fillers, sugar or carbs.
• Meal Replacement Powders – high protein, blended with water or raw milk with (optional) bananas and natural peanut butter.
• Fat Burners – ECA Stack thermogenic product.
• L-Glutamine – to reduce the muscle deterioration from intense workouts and pre-contest dieting.

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