1. Great video 5*

  2. you sound and kinda look like mark wahlberg

  3. nice boobies…

  4. Do you only weigh 200 pounds? I weigh 200 pounds and I’m not even close to
    be as muscular as you are, and I’m not fat. You must be very small in

  5. whats the best supplement to take to gain weight ?

  6. Now, you say not to do cardio when you do weight training… Ok so if I
    work out 5 days a week, when do I do cardio? I usually do a week of weight
    training only and one week of weight and cardio combo. What you think?

  7. i mean if you are trying to simply bulk up, then no don’t do so much
    cardio,if you are trying to lose weight/gain muscle/get in shape, yes do

  8. you are my new hero, i appreciate your videos so much

  9. i duno what it is but there is something different about you? u seem like a
    really nice person. have a great week!

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