Body Weight Exercises and Body Weight Workouts– Can They Help You Build Muscle and Lose Weight?

Can Body Weight Exercises Help You Build Muscle and Lose Weight?

With all the machines and free weights at gyms nowadays many wonder and question if body weight exercises is enough to help you in your workouts or are the exercises not challenging enough to accomplish your fitness goals. If you ever have used P90X or Insanity from Beach Body  then you know the answer, but for some of you out there doing these exercises may not be enough even in the more advanced versions for your fitness level.

If your a more advance weight lifter and need more of a challenge from exercises such as pull ups push ups then then I suggest adding a weighted vest instead of dropping the mas they are some of the best exercises you can do in your workouts for your body. Just add more as needed and do a more advanced version of the exercises as you progress for the lifters that are not physically fit enough yet to do them. 

To conclude adding at least one or more body weight exercises to your workouts might be just what you need to push your workouts to the next level. For more click here now sign up for my free fitness newsletter there.

Can You Build Muscle From Doing Body Weight Workouts or Do You Need Weights?

To answer this question simply yes I know of several professionals who only use body weight exercises in their workouts and never lift a free weight or use a machine ever! I’m not telling you that free weights (and a few machines that actually work) don’t work as they do but if getting a gym membership or buying gym equipment is too much for your situation and your on a low budget and don’t want to train with gym equipment then you’ll want to learn more about body weight exercises. 

Body weight exercises and workouts are more than enough to get you results if done correctly with a good nutrition program and proper rest to help your body recover.The best part is that other than getting a weighted vest and pull up bar you may need you can do these workouts for free as all you need is a little room and to get your body moving.

Just remember to do more advanced version or combine other body weight exercises to not only make your body weight workouts more challenging but also keep your body progressing and getting used to moving in more ways and work your muscles in more ways.To learn more click here and sign up for my free fitness newsletter now.

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