Body Weight Exercises – A Good Workout Without Weights

Are you one of the countless people that are searching for a home workout without weights? If so, you’re not alone in your quest for an easy home workout routine that you can do without having a much equipment or trying to find time to go to the regularly.

Exercising and strength training without using equipment, or very little of it, is a way to get in touch with the natural movements of your body. By learning bodyweight exercises you get a better feel of what you’re physically capable of. This can be very satisfying and can go a long way to improving confidence.

Unlike the isolated movements that some gym exercises require, the human body is designed to do what are called compound movements. These are movements that work several muscle groups and joints. In addition to this, your body does these movemtents while keeping you upright against gravity and oriented so that you can perform functional tasks. I like to use the example of lifting a kid (or other 30lbs. object off the  sofa while primarily balancing on one leg).
But it’s not just strength that is improved, its all the complicated neurological function that is rolled into what we refer to simply as “balance”. Body weight training or exercising without weights improves your ability to do things like this because they force different parts of your brain to get involved than typical exercises on machines. With weight machines your brain isn’t required to make any adjustments in balance becuase you are generally seated and don’t have to worry about dropping the weights on your foot!

Simple body weight exercises and workout programs without using weights tend to appeal to a lot of people. This may be due to the fact that they seem a little more authentic than do other exercise programs and fitness trends. You may be surprised by the body awareness, muscular strength, and emotional satisfaction that will come when you master the performance of a specific routine. This is an important accomplishment for anyone able to achieve it.

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