Body Type Diet: Type T, the Thyroid Type

Thyroid Type or T Types, according to the “Body Type Diet” by Dr. Abravanel, are the naturally thin people who may gain weight when their thyroids get worn out by too much caffeine and sugar.

Dr. Abravanel’s book includes a quiz that identifies whether you are a thyroid type, gonadal type, pituitary type or adrenal type. The classification is based on which of the four major glands is most active in a person’s metabolism.

Have you ever wondered why the Atkins or South Beach diet work for some people, while others lose weight on the Reverse Diet or the Carbohydrate lovers diet? Dr. Abravanel would say different diets work best for different people because their metabolism is different. I took Dr. Abravanel’s quiz to determine my own body type, which turned out to be the T-Type or Thyroid Type.

I highly recommend “The Body Type Diet And Lifetime Nutrition Plan,” book to anyone who has not yet read it. The Type T people tend to crave sweets and are sometimes addicted to caffeine. I was drinking a gallon of black unsweetened tea a day before I read the book! Female T-Types tend to be curvy, but not pear-like as the naturally plump gonadal types. Jennifer Aniston, in my estimation, is a T-Type, and she has been known to talk about her higher protein diet.

No 1: The T-Type or Thyroid Type’s best meal schedule: Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with about equal amounts of food/calories.

No. 2: The T-Type or Thyroid Type’s best snacking habits: Wait four hours between breakfast and lunch and six hours between lunch and dinner before eating.

No. 3: The T-Type or Thyroid Type’s best foods: eggs, yogurt such as Activia, milk, cheese, whole-grain cereal such as Ezekiel cereal, Uncle Sam’s or creamy buckwheat in small amounts; tuna, vegetables, fish, small baked potato, chicken, turkey

No. 4: The T-Type or Thyroid Type’s best exercise: weight training three times a week and moderate exercise every other day.

No. 5: The T-Type or Thyroid Type’s worst times to snack: anytime.

No. 6: The T-Type or Thyroid Type’s best snack: piece of turkey, half boiled egg or chicken.

No. 7: The T-Type or Thyroid Type’s best tea: Raspberry leaf tea.

No. 8: The T-Type or Thyroid Type’s foods to avoid: caffeine, chocolate,sweets

No. 9: The T-Type or Thyroid Type’s best approach to caffeine: no caffeine

No. 10: The T-Type or Thyroid Type’s best approach to sugar: no sugar

Source: “Body Type Diet and Lifetime Nutrition Plan,” by Dr. Abravanel and Elizabeth King Morrison.

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