Calorie Deprivation Diets Do Not Work

by Stella Moon
(Cambridge, UK)

When it comes to aging, you need to do away with a lot of things: laziness, drinking, smoking, and unhealthy eating, to name a few.

Your body can no longer support your irresponsible lifestyle as you get older. Why? It’s because you stop producing certain hormones altogether. You will soon find that you don’t lose weight as easily as you did years back.

Whereas you needed to just starve yourself a bit and lose five pounds in a snap, you find that the numbers on the weighing scale remain the same. Blame all these on metabolism. Of course, there’s also the issue on health.

You simply need to take care of yourself more now that you’ve passed your prime. Visits to the doctor help a lot, as with a proper diet and exercise. Of course, your body would need a lot of support now more than ever.

To cope with the changes your body goes through, you take a lot of vitamin supplements. Every meal, you find that you are swallowing more pills than ever before. You have one for your heart, another for your eyesight, and so on.

You actually lost track of what they’re for because there are just too many to count. The question now is, is it possible to overdose on vitamins? The basic principle in life applies here as well: quality beats quantity, and vitamins aren’t exempted from the rule.

While these are crucial for your health and wellbeing, too much of it can also be dangerous and harmful. Recent studies have shown that large doses of vitamins C and E taken as supplements may actually decrease some of the beneficial effects of exercise.

Moreover, some experts from the Cochrane Collaboration found that when you find high levels of beta-carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E in your body, you actually increase your chances of death.

Scary, isn’t it? Moreover, taking large doses of B6 or taking it for an extended period of time can lead to a feeling of numbness in your limbs. Taking more than 200 mg. of B6 leads to a condition called peripheral neuropathy.

You think that you’re doing your eyes a favor, but taking too much vitamin A can actually make your bones brittle and increase your chances of a fracture. Then, there’s niacin to consider as well.

When you depend too much of this, you could also put a lot of stress on your liver. Just to be on the safe side, you need to cover your nutritional requirements by eating a healthy and varied diet.

Talk to your doctor and ask him what is most crucial for you. You need to trim down your supplements and believe that what you’re taking is enough. If you believe that what you have is enough to make you stay healthy, there’s a good chance that it will.

You need to put a lot of your mind into it as well. There’s power in believing, and when this is coupled with a healthier lifestyle, you’re surely on your way to a healthier you.

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Updated: August 3, 2013 — 11:40 am

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