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Diet Success Stories from beautiful body ideal weight site with Real Life Results from using our Nutritional Weight Management Programs about weight loss testimonials of people using weight loss products on beautiful body ideal weight website. 

Since 1980, our Optimum Nutrition Programs have changed people’s lives worldwide. 

Over 40 million people can’t be wrong! 

Some of these real life success stories are below.

Rose-Marie C.
“I struggled with my weight for 13 years. When a friend introduced me to Herbalife and said it would be the solution to my problem, I was skeptical. But he was right! Thanks to Herbalife, I’ve gone from a size 24 to a 12.”*

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Marcy K diet success picturesMarcy Kdiet success pictures
James T.
“Although I had a stomach bypass operation, I was still overweight and struggling with food. But with Herbalife I’ve taken off over 40 pounds without feeling hungry or tired, and I can easily maintain my weight loss.”*

James T diet success picturesJames T diet success pictures
Becky E.
“After the birth of my second child I was overweight and unhappy. Then I discovered the Herbalife Weight-Management Program. I didn’t have to starve or deprive myself of the foods I loved. I’ve lost 48 inches thanks to Herbalife, and I can’t believe the control I have over my appetite. It’s so wonderful!”*

Becky E diet success picturesBecky E diet success pictures
Barbara H.

“A fellow pre-school mom suggested I try the Herbalife Weight-Management Program. I’ve gone from a size 22 to a size 8 and have more energy than ever. My life has changed in the most wonderful way!”*

Barbara H diet success picturesBarbara H diet success pictures
Rita B.

“I used to wear a size 16 and am now very comfortable in a size 10. I am in good shape and extremely energetic. Best of all, my doctor said I should keep up the good work!”*

Rita B diet success pictures Rita B diet success pictures
Andrew A.
Andrew A. of Chicago, Illinois was “constantly tired, coughing incessantly and having anxiety attacks.” Andrew ordered the Herbalife Weight-Management Program and went from a 48-inch waist to a 32 and lost all his excess pounds, which he has kept off for three years.

“Luckily, I discovered Herbalife,” Andrew exclaims. “I am having so much fun in my life right now that I will never stop using these remarkable products.”*

Andrew A diet success picturesAndrew A diet success pictures
Carla V.

After moving from a size 44 plus to a size 9, Carla V. of Toronto, Canada says, “The most rewarding aspect of losing all this weight is that I have my self respect and confidence back. Thank you, Mark Hughes and Herbalife for these remarkable products and the opportunity to become the new me!”* 
Carla V diet success picturesCarla V diet success pictures
Thelma W.

Thelma W. of Schnecksville, Pennsylvania lost 28 pounds and went from a dress size 18 to a size 12 where she remains today. “The pep and energy I feel is absolutely amazing.

My friends keep asking me, ‘You go from morning to night. Don’t you ever get tired?’ The answer is no and I’ve got Herbalife to thank.”*

Thelma W diet success picturesThelma W diet success pictures
Natalee B.
BEFORE 107 kilos. . . NOW 57 kilos! 
“Two years ago I weighed 107 kilos causing me to be very sick and always feeling run down. I had gone to nine doctors in this time and all of them came up with a different theory. I did not know who to trust and my self esteem was at an all time low.

My concerned parents suggested I trial the Herbalife products. Sceptically I began the Herbalife programme and after a period of 12 months, I have lost an amazing 50 kilos. Thanks to Herbalife I now weigh 57 kilos, have a husband, a new career and I can dream again.”*

Natalee B diet success picturesNatalee B diet success pictures 
Mark A.
BEFORE 130 kilos. . . NOW 94!
“I used to be 130kg of lumpy man. When I sat down in my swimmers my stomach looked hideously large. I had tried to lose weight by exercising for at least 50 minutes each day, but none of this seemed to work. I then heard about Herbalife and went along to a meeting.

I soon started the Herbalife Weight Management Programme and weight literally started dropping off me. I went on to lose a total of 36 kilos in 9 months and have successfully maintained my weight now for over a year. Thanks Herbalife I feel fantastic!” *

Mark A diet success picturesMark A diet success pictures

Sandra H.

BEFORE 81 kilos. . . NOW 52 kilos!

“I strongly encourage you to use the Weight-Management Programme-especially if you’re an experienced dieter like me. I suffered through years of feeling miserable about my body, but you don’t have to. Get on the fast track to weight-control success with this remarkable programme.

When I was introduced to Herbalife I weighed 81 kilos and was very depressed about my looks. Fortunately my sister told me about the Herbalife Weight-Management Programme, so I tried it out of a mixture of curiosity and desperation. In four months I reached my goal of 52 kilos which I’ve maintained for the past three years.”*

Sandra H diet success picturesSandra H diet success pictures 

Katie Rooney Humphreys
BEFORE:296 pounds
AFTER:170 pounds
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 126 pounds*

Stanley Koss
BEFORE:280 pounds
AFTER:172 pounds
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 108 pounds*
Still slim after 2 years

Raye Lynn Thomas
BEFORE:350 pounds
AFTER:180 pounds
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 170 pounds*
Still slim after 2 years!

Thomas Bilhar Jr.
BEFORE:368 pounds
AFTER:200 pounds
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 168 pounds*
Still slim after 2 years

Clarence Cousins
BEFORE:285 pounds
AFTER:180 pounds
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 105 pounds*

Janet DeBusk
BEFORE:280 pounds
AFTER:137 pounds
TOTAL WEIGHT LOSS: 143 pounds*
Still slim after 2 years!

*The weight loss testimonials presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your weight loss nor are they typical. 

diet success pictures

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