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Many people know how to be confident because they choose to be confident. You may know some people who appear to have been born confident, but confidence is a state of mind not an inherent trait.

People tend to think that being confident is a direct result of feeling good about yourself when, really, it is more complex than that. You can have a very high opinion of yourself but if others don’t recognize and appreciate your worth, chances are, you won’t be too confident.

Just as you wouldn’t be too confident if everyone around you adored your every move but you felt terrible about yourself.

The key to being confident is to mingle a positive self image with a feeling of acceptance by those around you. The following simple steps should get you well on your way to a more confident air.

1. Have no fear

Statistically, rejection is insignificant. For every one time you are rejected, you will be accepted ten times, providing your goals are realistic. You may get 10 rejections before your accepted the due 100, but that just gives you something to look forward to, hope.

Hope breeds happiness and happiness dispels fear.

2. Fake it `til you make it If they want a duck, walk like one, talk like one, they will think you are one, and soon you will be one. Have you ever told a lie so well that even you believed it was true?

Some people that you have encountered, who seemed to exude confidence, may have been complete frauds, but probably not for very long.

Inevitably if you pretend to be something for long enough, you will become it. Others tend to be drawn to those who are confident so in faking it, you give them a chance to see your positive attributes and gain their acceptance.

3. Dress the part

Always look your best. Sure you can run to the market in your curlers and bathrobe, but don’t expect to feel like you can take on the world because if eye contact is made you will feel nothing less than mortified.

You will feel much more confident when you feel like you look nice. If you have to go all out to feel attractive then do it, each and every time there is potential for you to be rejected by anyone, in any way, shape, or form. At least you will be able to walk away with your head held high.

4. Mix things up

A sense of accomplishment will obviously make you feel more confident. So quit putting off those new ventures, whatever they may be.

Something to do for fun, to add to your resume, to make you more interesting, just dive into it, remember, no fear.

Seems simple enough, right? So get out there and show them all what you are made of and evolve into a newly confident you! You have nothing to lose and nowhere to go but up.

Now you know how to be confident and I am confident in that!.

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