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Ever noticed how crazy yo-yo diets don’t really work long-term. Even worse is when it takes its toll on your body as you age. The key to looking hot is age-old discipline and the word NO. It has so much power to it and these two letters could actually make your life so much better.

First, say no to a sedentary lifestyle. Cancel your date with the couch this weekend and work up a sweat instead. The truth is embarrassingly simple, and well, just plain embarrassing. You’re overweight because you eat too much and move too little.

A little exercise and a little restraint on the dining table do make a world of difference. And, the kind of weights you should be carrying right now shouldn’t be the ones that come in bags. Instead, get the actual ones people use at the gym.

Of course, say no to the big bad S’s. Snacks, sweets, and seconds are your worst enemies. Be friendlier with your figure by not eating in between meals, skipping the occasional chocolate bar, and sticking to one plate of food per meal.

By cutting out these indulgences during the week, you cut out plenty, but nothing you can’t comfortably do without. Your plate should instead be filled with lots of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Lastly, say no to total denial. Don’t deprive yourself by being on a diet all day, every day. Give yourself a break on weekends and special occasions. These are meant to be your diet salve.

Many diets fail because they aren’t realistic enough and don’t give you room to be kind enough to yourself and your taste buds. If you tend to cheat on diets, then free days are there so you no longer have to feel any kind of guilt.

Try to enroll in a class in your nearest gym as well. This improves your cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, agility, and most importantly, mind and muscle coordination. As an added bonus, you get to exercise your discipline and self-esteem as well.

But, more than that, you become more graceful as you try to follow the instructor up front. In aerobic activities, there’s also interaction with your teacher so you won’t get bored in the long run. If you’re feeling angry with the way your body looks, you can let it all out as you sweat.

Group exercises are certainly more helpful because seeing the others will help you stay in the zone. These trainers and instructors have been educated with the correct way of movement, and you need not worry about injuring yourself. If they see you having difficulty, they just walk up to you and guide you in the execution.

Plus, diet and exercise are best done with someone in tow. Having a friend with you in these challenging times will make you feel as if you have the right support as you try to get your body back into shape and looking good even when you get older. Try it and see how much these tips can make the quality of your life so much better.

Beautiful Body Ideal Weight

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Updated: January 8, 2014 — 1:27 am

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