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Great Results From Systemic Lupus

Hello, My name is Meg from Kambah, ACT, Australia and I have an auto-immune disease called Systemic Lupus.

The disease had spread throughout my bloodstream and infected a lot of my major organs, being my kidneys, my ribs and chest linings and lastly the worst of all, my brain. I have had years of chemotherapy and am on lots of heavy-duty drugs plus steroids which have made me very overweight.

I stumbled across Herbalife and very cautiously I started to take the products. Within the first week I noticed that the pain had lessened and I had lost 2 kgs. By the 4th week I had reduced my intake of morphine and reduced other pain relieving drugs.

Now after 8 weeks I only take 1 Morphine tablet a day compared with the 14 I used to take. I have stopped taking antidepressants because I no longer felt that deep depression that I was used to. I would say now the Herbalife products have literally given my life back to me.

I recommend you start taking them because they DO work and will set your body and spirit free.

In the beginning I was on Formula 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, Aloe and Thermojetics Beverage. I added Lifeline, Tang Kuei and RoseOx to directly work on my Immune system. My life as it is today I owe it all to Herbalife and would recommend you take them to get your own life back.

God Bless and thank Herbalife.


Pamela Finley U.S.A
A market research study concluded that over 2 million people are living with it… Ninety percent of them are women. Someone you know personally is trying to cope with this insidious disease. Knowing first hand what this disease is all about, I am here to serve as a positive role model to others who are dealing with the same disease. Living with lupus has given me the opportunity to teach others how to recognize the symptoms, handle medical situations and embrace life with courage and compassion.

Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system, designed to defend the body, instead turns against it and attacks healthy tissues and organs. In a way, the body becomes allergic to itself.

My symptoms were all internal. Inflammation in various parts of my body, especially the skin, joints, blood, and was starting to attack my nervous system. Joint and muscle pain, sores in the mouth, low grade fevers, pleurisy, paracarditis, (lining around the lungs and heart) major fatigue, infections and valves in the heart, and my kidneys would shut down and poison my blood stream to where dialysis would be my only alternative. After rotating about 14 medications because it would build up a resistance we would have to change again. Being on anti-inflammatory medications and predisone, after a while we wondered if what I was fighting was the Lupus or effects from the medications. Was looking for a mother’s helper to raise my 3 boys. Teaching my golden retriever to help up & down stairs. 3 knee surgeries. So I was really limited in what I was able to do.

Since starting on the Ultimate program I have gained energy, lost 15lbs in 2 1/2 weeks, was able to wean myself off 14 different medications, I have not seen the dialysis machine now in almost 2 years! Because of the good results that I have received from being on these products my doctor said he wished he could have seen my body if I was on these just 10 years ago!

Here is what I do personally with usage of the products:

PLEASE NOTE: NOT ALL PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE IN ALL COUNTRIESUltimate Formula 1- (2 x a day)(when I am at my sickest this is the only thing that will stay down and settle in my stomach. Good to know I am getting solid nutrition!
Formula 2- (1 @ 3 x a day)
Formula 3- (3 @ 3 x a day)
Refresh Green- (2 @ 10:00 & 3:00) Original is ok if the heart is ok.
Beige (1 @ 10:00 & 3:00)
Yellow- (1 @ 3 x a day)
Herbal concentrate- ALL DAY LONG!!! Luppies lack energy.
Thermo-bond- (1 @ 3 x a day)

For my kidneys!
Cell-u-loss- (3 @ 3 x a day) Detoxifying the kidneys
Aminogen- (2 @ 3 x a day) Assimilates the proteins to go through my kidneys.

Specialty Products: Amount of usage varies on how I am feeling. (+ -)

Joint Support
Cardio ToconOx

Woman’s Advantage with DHEA (Studies of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) as a therapeutic agent in systemic lupus erythematosus. New Hope for Lupus Patients. Van Vollenhoven RF, McGuire JL Division of Immunology and Rheumatology, Stanford University Medical Center, California, USA.)

Caution: Echinacea tends to throw Luppies into a flare. I personally have to stay away from Echinacea.

I don’t know if what I do will work for everybody or anybody because we are all different, But it just makes sense that if you give the body what it needs on a daily basis it can do what GOD intended for it to do. It has for me!!
Pamela Finley

Update as of 7/22/2002.
To add an update to this testimony by being on the products…

I competed this past March in the Mrs. Minnesota International Pageant.
I won!
I am Mrs. Minnesota International 2002

Erika Pearson, Chandler, Arizona, USA 
Most people do not know what Lupus is; actually most doctors do not know what Lupus is. However, for Lupus patients the disorder remains a bizarre, cruel disease of unknown cause, with an unpredictable prognosis andsymptoms that are difficult to explain. Lupus is intermittent, recurrent, and can destroy both the will to live and the ability to cope in those afflicted by it. Lupus can threaten life and prevent functioning as a normal human being.

I woke up each morning with considerable dread not knowing how I was going to make it through my day. I had two beautiful little girls that I should be enjoying, but this cruel disease prevented me from being sincerely grateful for all of my blessings.
The greatest anguish I had was how my disease was affecting my children.
Once, when my eldest daughter was in preschool her teacher called me to inform me that she was crying and sharing with her classmates that her Mommy was dying. Because of my failing health and the affect it was having on my children and other family members I became consumed with my death; I felt so useless and because there is no cure for Lupus my situation seemed hopeless.
Luckily, I have always have been a strong-willed individual so I always refused to play the “sick-role”. I always forced my self to be the “perfect” mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend; however, because of Herbalife, I no longer have to force my way through another day.

I just wanted to share with you the results I have attained since I began taking these “life-changing” products.

I was diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Hypo-Thyroid Disease 12 years ago. I have endured years of excruciating arthritis, overwhelming fatigue, chest pain (pleurisy & pericarditis), chronic cluster headaches & migraines, chronic UTI’s and kidney stones, alopecia (hair fell-out by the handful) and mouth ulcers.

Well, of course, this meant I took a myriad of 13 medications.
I also submitted to 3 treatments of chemotherapy to make my Lupus go into remission; which were not successful. While, this helped some of thesymptoms it also created numerous side effects and there wasn’t anything that alleviated my chronic fatigue. I was also subjected to numerous ER visits and hospital stays.

I have been on Herbalife products since December; I am currently experiencing my first remission since being diagnosed in 1990!!!

Within days of starting this incredible program, my energy level soared! Within a few days, I felt more alert and alive than I had in years! Since starting these products I no longer have any chest pains due to pleurisy or pericarditis and I have not had a cluster headache or migraine. The only time I get a headache is when I pull my ponytail too tight; my hair has stopped falling out and it is actually growing!

My arthritis has been minimized considerably; I no longer have severe morning joint stiffness and no longer take Morphine for the pain! The best thing is that I actually have energy now!!! I can’t begin to explain how the increased energy has changed my life, but it does bring tears to my eyes . . . tears of joy because now I have the energy and stamina to keep up with my girls.

As a matter of fact, the other night I was actually wrestling with my daughter; by their laughter and smiles on their faces you would have thought I had taken them to Disneyland!

Now, Savannah (6) and Mackenzie (3) do not have to see me bent over in pain; they don’t have to call their Dad to come help Mommy anymore. Or they don’t have to see me lying on the couch exhausted while forcing myself to stay awake and they don’t have to hear me tell them I am too tired to play with them.

I am happy to report that I haven’t had an ambulance ride in four months! Boy, I sure am going to miss those cute paramedics!

Regarding my weight loss; I have lost all the weight I put on with the high dosages of steroids … 45 pounds over the past year, but I did it the hard way – exercise and a personal trainer. I wish I used Herbalife (much easier and faster); however, since I have started the products I have toned my body considerably and have lost several inches. At 5’7” I now weigh 125 pounds; which is less than what I weighed as a senior in college!

The products continue to help sculpt and tone my body. I now have more energy and I am healthier than I have been in years.

I love these products; they have changed my life!!!

In addition to my Lupus going into remission, I no longer have asthma and my allergy symptoms have diminished considerably. I no longer have a bleeding ulcer and my blood sugar, thyroid and hormones are balanced all without medication.

Can you tell that I am excited! Actually, I am ecstatic!!!

When I was originally diagnosed I was told I would be lucky to experience my 40th birthday. Well, in July I turn 39 and Herbalife has given me the best birthday gift ever … my renewed health!!! I not only feel healthy . . . I look healthy!!!

No more puffy cheeks or weight gain from the steroids. I no longer have dark circles under my eyes from the overwhelming fatigue. I actually look very young for my 39 years!

These products are awesome!! I now know that with these products I will live a long healthy life!

Along with the incredible results I have attained with Herbalife products; the business opportunity has also contributed to my wellness. By this I mean, as I mentioned earlier in my testimonial I was so sick and filled with an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness.

My education and work experience was in Aeronautical Engineering/Management and because of my disease I knew there was no way I would be able to return to the fast track, rat race of the corporate world. Not that I wanted to because I feel that the stress I endured contributed significantly to my illness. However, the idea that with my diagnosis I lost my health, my physical fitness (I was an amateur body builder), my vitality, my income and my independence; created such a “pit” of depression that it literally consumed me.

Now, with my regained health and an awesome business opportunity I finally have HOPE!……Thank you Herbalife!

Article kindly contributed by David Exon, Nutritional Consultant, who has donated many more inspiring diet tips, diet blog, health articles and motivation resources to this healthy weight management website.

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