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How to stay motivated to exercise for your lifetime fitness, even when you just don’t feel like it!

people-volley-ballIt’s easy to exercise when the sun is shining brightly and the warm weather is calling to you to come out and play however, when it is too hot or too cold, we stay inside and our plans to exercise vanish quickly.

As the weather changes, the body stores more calories. Add that to weight gain due to a decrease in exercise and you start to put on kilos, fats the solution is in finding an exercise routine that will keep you motivated, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Keep the fun in staying fit… 

The key to launching or maintaining a diet and exercise for healthprogramme is finding or keeping, a routine that’s enjoyable if you have an exercise you love, stick with it!.

All you need to do is adapt it to the indoors and it’s easier than you think.

Indoor fitness activities…

Your gym probably offers a wide assortment of classes, with everything from weightlifting, swimming and water aerobics to kickboxing and spinning.

If you don’t want to brave the weather to get to your gym, adapt the following activities to an area of your living room, your garage or a spare room.


· Exercise videos
· Dance videos
· Yoga and Pilates
· Jumping rope
· Treadmill
· Stationary cycling

Get with the program…

Ideally, an exercise program consists of three components: stretching, muscle strengthening and aerobic activity.

Combining these three elements and sound nutrition is optimum to achieving all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Stretching exercises include all muscle groups for a solid foundation to your exercise routine.

Stretching offers a one-two punch to the exercise formula: it loosens the body in preparation for more activity and enhances flexibility and posture.

Muscle strengthening is a pivotal factor in weight management since the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.

At home, use hand weights with an accompanying muscle conditioning video.

Aerobic activity is the crucial cardiovascular part of any compete weight management program and a primary calorie consumer.

Getting fit means supplying your body with the fuel it needs to sustain an active lifestyle and then going for it!

No matter your fitness level, there’s an Herbalife program to help you look, feel and be the best you can be.


Articles Directory for workouts and strength training guide 

“Making Exercise More Fun” Health Article 
Nothing beats waking up in the morning with the thoughtof going to the gym to lift weights or jog on thetreadmill. After a hard days work, the gym is oneplace you don’t even want to think about. Sometimes,even the thought of exercising at home with your ownequipment can be less than desirable.

Sometimes, just trying to get and stay motivated toexercise on a regular basis can be a challenge. Nomatter how you look at it, exercise can be downrightboring and even tedious at times.

“Children And Exercise” Health Article 
If you have a child of 6 to 8 years old that wantsto start exercising and lifting weights, you mayfind yourself wondering what you should do. Whilesome think it is perfectly fine for children to exercise, there are others that think differently.

The long and short of it is that yes, it is beneficial for your child to partake in exercise or a weight training regimen although there are afew things that you should keep in mind once thisstarts to happen.

“Reasons To Exercise” Health Article 
Many us need to follow an exercise program, in orderto remain healthy. Below, you’ll find several goodreasons why you should start exercising now.

1. Contributes to fat loss

It is well proven from scientific research all over the world that physical exercise contributes to weight loss. If you burn more calories than you consume through nutrition, you’ll lose weight. When you exercise, you burn more calories than when you don’t. It’s really simple – the more you exercise,the more weight or fat you’ll lose.

“Exercise Guide to burn calories” Health Article 
Well, you knew it was coming, didn’t you? We’ve discussed at least 55 ways to adjust your eating habits.

Some of the tips we covered will help your metabolism burn extra calories, but the bottom line is that you still need to burn more calories than you consume if you wish to lose those extra pounds.

“5 Tools That Lead to a Happier & Healthier Life” Health Article 
If you have experienced a massage session, you already know the wonders a great massage can have on your mind and body. You know about the complete feeling of health and relaxation that overcomes your entire being.

You know about the calmness that permeates throughout the therapy room. And you know about the subtle healing music that gently eases your tension away.

“7 Healthy Habits” Health Article 
There has never been a better time to take stock of your life than right now.

This moment is the beginning of the New Year.

It is the beginning of resolutions to lose fat and get fit.

“Is Pain Stopping You From Losing Weight?” Health Article 
If you are overweight and suffer from pain in your feet that radiates from your heel, you are not alone.

Almost one quarter of overweight people suffer from plantar fasciitis, a debilitating condition that causes heel pain and can limit a person’s ability to walk or exercise.

“ What is a Frozen Shoulder?”
Health article about adhesive capsulitis 

Frozen shoulder is the popular name for the medical condition known as adhesive capsulitis. This condition affects your ability to move your shoulder through the usual range of motion. There is stiffness in the shoulder joint and it can be very painful, even with treatment.

Getting Fatter With Age? 
Regardless of whether you have gained weight, you are likely “fatter” now than you were when you were younger.

Between age 20 and 50, most Americans percent body fat doubles. Slower metabolism has a lot to do with it. So, what can you do?

“Strength Training After Fifty”
Strength training after fifty is no longer for those people who are having some sort of mid-life crisis. In fact, doctors are literally writing prescriptions to get this generation up and moving.

They are taking out the pen and prescription pad, writing something barely legible, ripping it off the pad and handing it to more and more of their patients. So what’s the result?

“Improve Your Workouts With One Key Ingredient: Oxygen” Health Article 
Why do you work out?

If you’re like most people, you have several reasons that might include improved health, reduced weight, prevention of disease, or better muscle tone.

Regardless of the reason, most people would like to get the maximum efficiency from their workouts within the shortest amount of time.

“Preventing Backache”
Lower back pain is a common complaint.

Four out of five adults have it at one time or another.

While only a few cases are serious enough to require hospitalization, and possibly surgery, backaches are a leading cause of absenteeism – second only to colds and flu as a cause of lost work days.

“Basics of Yoga”
Often associated with Hinduism, yoga actually is older. It is the oldest physical discipline in existence.

The exact origins of yoga are unknown, but it is thought to be at least five thousand years old.

The earliest evidence of yoga practice can be traced back to about 3000 B.C.

“Yoga As An Aid To Weight Loss”
Yoga is wonderful for nurturing a state of mental and physicalwell being .

It promotes a balanced and healthy lifestyle, andyoga techniques can be applied also to removing excess weight,thus bringing you an extra benefit, that is if being overweightis a problem to you.

Practicing yoga will increase your metabolism. An increasedmetabolism leads to an increase in the calorie burning process,so combining yoga with a calorie burning program may bring youexcellent results

“2 Ways to Start Burning fat Quickly”
As soon as you wake up in the morning workout for at least 30 min to an hour. Studies show that working out in the morning has been shown to burn up to 3x as more fat as opposed to working out at any other time during the day. Here’s Why:

Last year I had a number of clients who started stubbornly on the Atkinsdiet despite my warnings. Immediately I saw almost profound results in their weight loss. I reminded them it was the loss of water weight, and warned of the strain on the kidneys and the high cholesterol risk.

“Jump Starting your metabolism”
If you work at it, you can actually increase the rate at which your body burns calories. This is known as metabolism. Many factors affect your metabolic rate.

Metabolism (or total energy expenditure) is basically composed of 3 parts:

“Benefits Of Exercise Videos”
I asked my sister to come to my gym with a guest pass.

She replied something to the effect of “I am in no shape to go to the gym”. What?

I thought you go to the gym to get in shape not get in shape to go to they gym!

Upon further questioning and digging I uncovered the obvious – my sister is just not comfortable in the gym.

“12 Pillars of Success… about 52 Weeks of “Life-Changing”Lessons… One New YOU!”
In the past 30 months since the launch of The Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan an astounding 99% of enrollees have stayed committed to a plan of consistent and continual growth in their personal and professional lives.

Like Les Gordon of Hong Kong, “Wow! What else is there to say. This last 12 months has been a truly outstanding experience – the things I’ve learned, the improvements I’ve made – wow!”

“Fat Loss Basics, Body Building Diet article by Anthony Ellis”
Believe it or not, losing a little or a lot of fat involves pretty much the same concept – consistent dieting coupled with cardiovascular exercise and weight training.

This is how the professionals do it, and it works.

“15 Quick Tips for People Who Don’t Like to Exercise”
We’ve all had days when we don’t have the energy to tie our athletic shoes, let alone bounce around in them. But exercise can give a daily blast to your mind, body, and soul.

Here are fifteen quick tips to get you moving:

“10 Tips on How to Exercise at Home”
It’s been endorsed by every major health organization in the U.S. as one of the most beneficial things you can do for your body.

A half hour of moderate physical activity a day is the key to better health, experts say. The best diet in the world can only go so far in helping weight loss.

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