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Food and herb based nutritional products are the oldest form of medicine and many of the common foodstuffs we use almost daily in the kitchen have a natural curative property.

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This is no doubt the reason they have been used continually over centuries as both the food source and natural medicine.

Herbalife offers you a variety of targeted natural herb based products that build on a foundation of optimum nutrition.

With every Herbalife program based on optimum nutrition serves as your starting point, whether you want to lose weight or are already at your body ideal weight and are now fine tuning your program for a healthy nutritional edge.

By adding in health supplements you can zero in on your specific needs.

Since men and women of varying ages have different health challenges, we have separate products and programmes for each.

Our health supplements offer a wide array of products to address individual needs – everything from circulation and stress to menstrual discomfort.


You may only have one reason for worrying about heart health, or you may have many.
You may be a smoker.
You’re getting older.
Heart disease runs in your family.

Or maybe none of these… You’ve just heard the statistics, and want to protect yourself from the #1 Killer of men and women in much of the western world. You want to start now, before it’s too late.

Building on the nutritional support of the Optimum Nutrition found in Formulas 1, 2, and 3, add our Heart Health products to your daily diet to help you reduce your risk of heart problems.

“Herbalife’s approach to heart health targets the nutritional well-being of your vascular system by nourishing your body to promote the function of virtually every organ in your body.”


Nobel Laureate Louis Ignarro, Ph.D.

Herbalife Scientific Advisory Board; 1998 Nobel* Laureate in Medicine; Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology at the UCLA School of Medicine; Recipient of the 1998 Basic Research Prize of the American Heart Association; National Academy of Sciences; American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

*The Nobel Prize is a registered trademark of The Nobel Foundation.


Herbalifeline contains the essential Omega 3 fatty acids and the full spectrum of marine lipids (deep sea fish oils) which help maintain a healthy cardio-vascular system, and a natural anti-inflammatory.

Laboratory reports clearly indicate that these lipids help lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels and consequently have a positive effect on hardened arteries, plaque, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

omega 3 LifeLine

It is especially good for:

* Angina
* Athletes
* Athletic recovery
* Cholesterol
* Circulation
* Cirrhosis
* Concentration
* Diabetes
* Dermatitis
* Easing smoking
* Gout
* Helping blood flow
* High blood pressure
* Hyperglycaemia
* Inflammation
* Low blood pressure
* Memory
* Prevent blood clots
* Psoriasis
* Blood sugar levels
* Resting pulse rate
* Rheumatism
* Swelling
* Triglycerides
* Varicose veins

Lifeline is excellent for the entire cardio-vascular system!


Without the right balance of micro-organisms in the digestive tract, gas, bloating and constipation are common.

The so-called ‘friendly’ bacteria help keep the colon healthy. They play a role in digestion and elimination and enhance nutrient absorption.


Florafibre is a combination of “flora” and “fibre” that helps reconstitute, maintain and cleanse the intestinal tract. It gently expands and dredges your bowels of debris and replaces the flora (bacteria) needed for the immune system and bowel health which is killed by antibiotics, alcohol, smoking, drugs and pollutants.

It combines fibre with lactobacillus acidophilus for improved intestinal health.

*Encourages the growth of ‘friendly’ bacteria for healthy intestinal flora.

* A blend of fibres assists healthy elimination.

flora fibre

It is especially good for:

* Acne
* Bad breath
* Body odour
* Bowel movements
* Candida
* Colds
* Colon cancer
* Colon problems
* Colitis
* Constipation
* Diarrhea
* Digestion
* Flatulence
* Flu
* Gastritis
* Gastro-enteritis
* Hyperacidity
* Intestinal cancer
* Skin allergies
* Skin problems
* Thrush
* Toxic poisoning
* Waste removal
Weight loss

Best used as a preventative and is excellent for people with low immunity or who suffer from a compromised elimination system due to disease, medication or surgery.


Some people have a cast-iron stomach, but maybe not you. You never know what’s going to set off your stomach.

Spicy foods, travel, stress… any of them could tie you in knots.

You wish there was a natural solution to your gastrointestinal problems.

Something that gently worked to keep things in balance, so you don’t have to think about your digestion. The gentle action of our Digestive Health products supports the body’s natural ability to assist in digestive function.

“Eating the proper foods and getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients are just part of an over all plan for better health. Herbalife’s Digestive Health products further aid proper digestion and absorption of nutrients to ensure optimal health.”
– Mario Rosenberg, M.D.
(Herbalife Medical Advisory Board)


Herbal aloe is a remarkable blend of Aloe Vera juice and herbs that seems to heal everything it touches. It contains live enzymes, and relaxing herbs to aid digestion and assist the natural action of the body to cleanse its organs, intestinal tubes, colon and bowel (a major source of disease).

Aloe Vera Juice

It is especially good for:
* Acid
* Acne
* All types of ulcers
* All bowels conditions
* Arthritis
* Asthma
* Bronchial problems
* Children’s appetite
* Colic
* Colds
* Constipation
* Croup
* Diavaticulitis
* Digestion
* Gout
* Hangovers
* Heartburn
* Haemorrhoids
* Hiatus hernias
* Indigestion
* Reflux
* Relaxation
* Sleeping disorders
* Stress
* Weight loss
* Weight gain

The Aloe juice helps clean and heal while the herbs enhance and encourage relaxation. Contains Chamomile and also has anti-fungal properties. This product considerably improves the efficiency of the Cellular Nutrition program.


You sometimes wonder if balancing a career and family is this hard on every woman.

Yes… you want it all, however it ‘all’ takes so much out of you.

You’re stressed, your weight fluctuates, and at the end of the day you’re exhausted. How will you find the time to take better care of yourself? You need an easy solution to help you stay on top of it all.

Combining natural herbs, botanicals and vitamins, our recommended Women’s Solutions products help with stress management and the various health concerns a woman experiences throughout her life.


TANG KUEI: (Dong Quai)

Tang Kuei has been specially formulated to help relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety. For the relief of pre-menstrual symptoms, relief of muscular aches and pains.

Tang Kuei grows mainly in South Western China. The root is harvested in the Autumn and dried in the shadows. In China, it is claimed that Tang Kuei is highly effective against almost every type of female problem. However, it is also used for many problems common to both men and women.

1. Helps to strengthen all internal body organs and muscles.

2. Possesses remarkable powers for nourishing female glands.

3. Very effective in removing menstrual disorders as well as regulating menstruation.

4. Helps to rebuild blood and improve conditions of the mother before and after birth of a baby.

5. Used for menopause symptoms including hot flushes and cramps.

6. Good for backache if due to menstrual problems, calming nerves and toothache.

7. Aids in relieving abdominal pain, very helpful in aiding recovery from a stroke.

8. Helps eliminate dry skin problems by moistening and softening the skin.

9. Helps to dissolve blood clots and loosen tight muscles.

10. Good blood purifier and cleanser, helps to increase circulation.

11. Very helpful in aiding recovery from an accident if internal bleeding and body bruises exist.

12. Contains some antispasmodic components.

13. Stabilizes hypertension (high blood pressure).

14. Stabilizes hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

Reprinted: Tsay, Robert M.D. – New Chinese Medicine, June 1973, p.36.

TANG KUEI – an efficacious herb used by Gynecologists to treat Dysmenorrhoea.

This herb is the dried root of Angelicae Sinensis, a plant of the umbellifarae family. It has been used by the traditional Chinese doctors for thousands of years in China, and has been considered as the most effective herb in treating such gynaecological cases as the irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhoea, etc. After the muscle of the uterus is relaxed, its blood circulation improves and the local nutrition of the uterus will be greatly strengthened.




mature sports couple


You’re not going to let getting older stand in the way of the things you love.At least that’s what you’ve always told yourself. But then the little signs and signals crept in… a forgotten name… joint stiffness… a couple of mornings when you didn’t feel up to par.

Suddenly, you realised you could use a little help.

It was such a relief when you discovered there was something you could do about it.

Our formulas support your health in areas where mature adults need it most, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.


Formula 1 is the ultimate ‘space age fast food’ packed with nourishment. It’s a delicious and versatile meal-in-a-glass for whenever and wherever you need a quick and easy meal. Benefit from the scientifically balanced vitamins, minerals, herbs, soy protein, carbohydrates and dietary fibre, which are easily absorbed and utilised by your body. Visit our “Product Outline” page for more information about our


Do you get tired at certain times of the day?
Do you have trouble shaking that sluggish feeling?
Are you constantly reaching for a caffeine or sugar jolt?

In other words… “has the old ‘get up and go’…got up and gone?”

Everything takes longer when you lack zip… your day drags on and you accomplish less.

Your body is running on overtime trying to vet everything done.

You try to get enough sleep, but even that doesn’t always help.

Because you value your health, you’d like a natural solution.

So what can you do?

A quick fix from a soft drink, a cup of coffee or a sugary snack can make you jittery and often gives way to a “low” that causes you to want another boost.

It’s a cycle that can undermine weight loss and good health.

Instead, reach for natural herbal alternatives that can sustain you. These products are specially formulated to help you get ahead at work and play with stamina to spare.

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