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Welcome to our healthy eating for kids article, we have gathered together seven simple tips for better child health……there are lots more……that is where you come in!.

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Here are our tips:

1. Learn to enjoy eating healthy yourself.

Example is, hands down, the best teacher. Training yourself to like eating healthy will also give you the confidence to guide your children on the same path.

2. Curb their taste for processed sugars.

Sugar keeps your kids on an emotional roller coaster, causes disagreeable behavior and continually sets off cravings for more and more sugar. Never offer sweets as a reward or bribe.

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3. Teach them to like pure water.

Children need liquids, but they don’t need calorie laden, high sugar colas and juices. Clear water leaves room for good food.

4. Substitute whole grains for the processed ones.

Whole grain breads (especially sprouted ones), brown rice and whole wheat pastas should be your grains of choice. You may have to start with half and half and keep adding more of the good stuff until you eventually reach 100% whole grains.

5. Eliminate random snacking.

If your kids are full when they get to the table, they won’t want the good foods you fix. Make sure they’re hungry enough to eat what’s put in front of them.

6. Help them learn to like nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Carrots and apples only taste sweet to children who don’t eat a lot of sugar. Serve vegetables when children are hungry and fresh fruit for dessert.

7. Offer only good healthy choices.

Don’t give them anything but nutritious foods. If their only choice is a tuna sandwich or natural peanut butter and unsweetened apple butter on whole grain bread, they’ll eventually choose one of your healthy offerings.


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