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Researchers now tell us that grandma was right when she said an apple a day would keep the doctor away!

The apple is now being called the all-round health food.

Nutritionists suggest that eating two or three apples a day can boost the body’s protection against heart disease, thanks to the fruit’s amazing abilityto reduce blood pressure and lower dangerously high cholesterol levels.

In fact, they say, the higher the cholesterol, the greater the benefits will be if you increase your consumption of apples.

Apples are known for many potent healing powers and they contain chemicals scientists believe may fight certain types of cancer.

apples make you happy

The reason appears to be that apples are loaded with natural acids that have successfully blocked cancer formation in laboratory studies.

Remember that to get the best health benefit, you have to eat the whole thing, skin and all. The skin contains the high level of pectin fiber, which seems to be the basis for the fruit’s amazing power to lower cholesterol or blood pressure, balance blood sugar content and fight off cancer.

Apples are an excellent food source for diabetics and others who need to control blood sugar levels. They rank high among foods that best control blood sugar.

Even though the apple is a rich source of natural sugar, something about its content does not cause a rapid, often dangerous rise in blood sugar. also, it prevents the body from pumping out too much insulin which, in turn, helps bring down blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

Whole apples (as opposed to just the juice) are great for dieters. They suppress appetite without robbing the body of necessary nutrients. The rise in blood glucose levels that occurs when you eat an apple makes you feel fuller.

Apple juice also helps keep you healthy and helps the healing process – especially if you’re suffering from colds or viruses.

People who eat apples regularly have far fewer colds and upper respiratory problems. And researchers have noted that apple eaters also suffered far fewer stress-related illnesses.

The apple may also be the only healing food capable of taking care of two opposite complaints at the same time – constipation and diarrhea.

First apples or applesauce have been used for centuries to help people get back on a regular diet after suffering bouts of diarrhea.

The pectin in the apple fiber apparently is the healing factor, which explains why it is included in one of the popular over-the-counter diarrhea remedies.

Also, that same fiber is what dietitians have been telling us for decades is necessary to keep us regular and to prevent constipation.

Finally, apples are not only a super healing food, but, as nature’s original toothbrushes, they may even prevent cavities, a fact that many of our ancestors probably learned through trial and error, but that modern day researchers have confirmed in the laboratory.

One group of scientists doing a recent study found that apples actually helped clean teeth among a control group of children and therefore significantly cut down on the risk of tooth decay.


“Kids Eating Healthy” Health Article 
Fast food is a big part of modern life these days, making it very hard to teach a child how he or she should eat healthy. The cheapest and easiest foods are those that are normally the least healthy. If you give your child the choice between healthy foodand junk food, you normally won’t like the results.

Even though it isn’t possible to get a child to like all healthy foods, there are some ways to get your child to try and hopefully like at least a few of them. You can be as creative as you like, as getting kids to eat healthy foods can be a little harder than you may think.

“Eating For A Healthy Heart” Health Article 
Bad cholesterol or a bad diet is something we all experience at some point in time. It’s impossible to eat healthy our whole lives, even though we may try hard to do it.

Eating healthy for your heart is something everyone should try to do, especially when it comes to restoring health and reducingheart attacks.

Your heart and food

We know these things for sure – a diet high in saturated fats will help raise your cholesterol, which is a risk factor for heart disease. People that are obese are more prone to heart disease. A diet high in sodium may elevate your blood pressure, leading to inflammation and even heart disease.

“Eating Healthy During Pregnancy” Health Article 
Starting off your with a healthy well balanced diet is the best thing you do for yourself and your baby. This way, you’ll only need to make a few adjustments during your pregnancy.

Your first trimester

If you find it tough to maintain a balanced diet during your first trimester, you can rest assured that your not alone. Due to queasiness, some women will eat all of the time and gain a lot of weight in the process. Other women have trouble getting food down and subsequently lose weight.

“Eating Healthy On Vacation” Health Article 
It can be very tempting to abandon your good senseof healthy eating on vacation. Although you may strive for healthy eating, it’s easy to drift off and grab an ice cream cone here and there. There are however, ways to watch what you eat on vacation.

It’s easier than ever these days to request a low fat or vegetarian meal on airplane flights. If you choose to instead drive to your destination, the quest to find healthy food can get a bit more complicated.

“Fight Stress With Healthy Eating” Health Article 
Whenever we get too busy or stressed, we all tend to make poor food choices that will actually increase stress and cause other problems. To get the most of your healthy eating and avoid stress, follow these simple tips.

Always eat breakfast
Even though you may think you aren’t hungry, you need to eat something. Skipping breakfast makes it harder to maintain the proper blood and sugar levels during the day, so you should always eat something.

“The Healthiest Foods You Can Get” Health Food Article 
The following is a list of the healthiest foods that you can get. This will help you get an idea as to what foods are the best for your body.

Fruits – Apricots

Apricots contain Beta-carotene which helps to prevent radical damage and also helps to protect the eyes. A single apricot contains 17 calories, 0 fat, and one gram of fiber. You can eat them dried or soft.

“Food Nutrition Facts & F.A.Q.” Health Article 
Q – We would like to explore some of the specifics about unhealthy eating and nutrition. If you had to define nutrition what is it?

A – There is a set of guidelines that the government publishes for 20 or so different vitamins and minerals and nutrient and the carbohydrates and those values or based on population studies where they go out and look at the health and consider what people consume on a regular basis.

“Miracle Cup: The Health Benefits of Green Tea” Health Article 
For 4,000 years, the Chinese people have been using green tea as treatment for everything from headaches to depression.

Today, studies are conducted in Asia and the west in order to produce hard evidence of the health benefits of green tea. In the 1994 edition of the Journal of National Cancer Institute, the results of an epidemiological study stated that one of the health benefits of drinking green tea is that it can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer in Chinese men and women by up to 60%.

The rich presence of catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the reason why green tea has so much health benefits. A powerful antioxidant, EGCG can not only inhibit the growth of cancer cells but can also destroy them without harming healthy cells.

“Green Tea Weight Loss Patch” Health Article 
The hysteria on low carb diet has brought the onset of several dieting products that are based on low carb approaches. One of the newest products to hit the dieting market are weight loss patches.

Inspired by the success of nicotine patches marketers struck on the idea that weight loss patches may work the same way. Weight loss patches are basically designed for people who forget to take their regular dosage of weight loss supplements or capsules. With weight loss patches, a person will no longer need to take pills as he will have a 24-hour supply of weight loss substance stuck to his skin.

Weight loss patches are commonly made from such ingredients as algae and seaweed which are known appetite-suppressants. Later studies on weight loss and diets led to the use of green tea as a weight loss patch.

“Green Tea Diet Supplement” Health Article 
Green tea diet supplements are all the latest rage in the weight loss industry today. With its countless health and weight loss benefits, green tea diet supplements are fast replacing ephedra as the leading weight loss product in the market.

So what makes green tea diet supplement different?

For one, green tea diet supplement provides its user with an organic alternative to losing weight. Taken from the Camellia sinensis plant, green tea diet supplement contains ingredients that are beneficial to the body.

Several studies have been made on the effects of green tea diet supplements. It has been shown that the green tea extract found in green tea diet supplements contains a high amount of polyphenols.

These substances in green tea diet supplements are natural bioflavonoids that act on the harmful free radicals that are the major causes of aging and diseases. By destroying the free radicals, the polyphenols in green tea diet supplements thus helps protect you from aging and diseases.

In India Mahatma Gandhi was interested in this system and included this in his program and motivated others also to follow.

It is a holistic system of curing diseases since ancient times.

“What Is Bad Breath & What Causes Bad Breath?” Health Article 
Bad breath is the side effect of the action taken by certain bacteria that live in the mouth, the tongue and the tonsils. The fact is that we all have these bacteria in our mouth.

These bacteria pretty much remain dormant until some action in their environment causes them to change.

“The Interrelationship of Depression and Insomnia” Health Article 
Insomnia can be classified into three types based on the length of time it affects an individual.

Transient insomnia lasts only a few days and is usually due to changes in living or working conditions, which may be minor or traumatic.

“61 STEPS TO REDUCE TENSION” Health Article 
1, Identify the real cause of stress.

2, Events causing stress should be noted down and analyse it once in a month.

3, Your reactions to each stressful events should be recollected and compared with one another.

“Increase Your Childs IQ: Discover The Nutrition Research That Shows You How!” Health Article 
* Poor nutrition costs your children IQ points

* Good nutrition boosts their IQ.

* Nutritional supplements have an important role to play.

These are the startling conclusions to be drawn from medical research that goes as far back as 30 years ago!

“How Does Sugar Harm Your Health? Let me Count the Ways…”
The average American consumes more than 130 pounds of sugar and related products (like corn syrup) every year.

As unbelievable as that sounds, it’s not surprising when you consider that there are roughly 10 teaspoons of sugar in one can of Coke. Refined sugar may be intoxicating and addictive, but there’s little room for it in a healthy diet.

“Cow’s Milk And Milk Alternatives — Is Mare’s Milk Too Exotic?”
Milk is a word that brings about impassioned arguments.

Some defend cow’s milk like tigers; others demote it and do not give it a chance.

You would think people are discussing a dangerous illegal drug.

“Seven Simple Steps To Get Your Kids To Eat Healthier”
1. Learn to enjoy eating healthy yourself.

Example is, hands down, the best teacher. Training yourself to like eating healthy will also give you the confidence to guide your children on the same path.

2. Curb their taste for processed sugars.

Sugar keeps your kids on an emotional roller coaster, causes disagreeable behavior and continually sets off cravings for more and more sugar. Never offer sweets as a reward or bribe.

“Gourmet Food” Nutrition health article 
Britain is undergoing a well-publicized food revolution. During the 50s, 60s and 70s, the isles had a well-deserved reputation for terrible food, with the average post-war diet rather mirroring the usual post-war architecture in the UK: functional, but rather disgusting.

Just as drab towerblocks came to characterize many parts of the country, vegetables for many urban dwellers came from tins while European cheeses were viewed with suspicion

“Truth About Fat”
body fat measurement is recognized as the superior method for measuring “weight loss”.

When one declares that they want to “lose weight”, what they often mean is that they want to lose fat.

“So How Do You Get a Handle on Sugar Consumption for Your Family?”
“Minimizing sugar intake was of interest then and it still is—especially when you are feeding children. There just isn’t room to eat a nutritious diet when kids fill up on food items that are high in empty calories.

I’m also delighted that cereal companies are now offering lower sugar choices even thought it has taken 25 years for them to get the message,” Lansky says.

“Health Benefits of Green Tea”
Substances in green tea known as catechins have been proven to be effective against many serious diseases.

In experiments with rats green tea catechin restricts the excessive buildup of blood cholesterol.

“24 Good reasons why you may need vitamin supplements”
Many people believe that eating a well balanced diet provides all the vitamins and minerals necessary for good health.

In ideal circumstances, this is the case, but in reality there are many reasons why you may need vitamin supplements to cope with living in the twentieth century environment.

Taking vitamins when required is a safe method of optimizing your dietary sources of nutrients, providing you follow the instructions on product labels.

Not all healthy lifestyle changes you make will be easy, but here’s one that is: add a well rounded women’s vitamin or multivitamin to your diet. Adding a complete vitamin supplement will help fill any nutritional holes your diet might miss..

WeightLossProgramIT’S TIME! 
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“Lactose Intolerant?”
Do you know anyway who can’t consume milk or milk-based products? The condition is not uncommon and these people are classified as lactose intolerant.

Lactose is the main carbohydrate or sugar found in milk, and in varying quantities in dairy products made from milk including yoghurt, ice cream, soft cheeses and butter. Lactose (milk sugar) intolerance results from an inability to digest lactose in the small intestine.

“Diet Sodas May Double Your Risk of Obesity”
The prevalence of obesity has reached epidemic proportions and many Americans are making efforts to side-step extra calories. They are turning to diet soft drinks — Diet Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and Sprite — as their beverage of choice.

But is this a wise health choice?

Perhaps not, for according to a study by researchers at the University of Texas San Antonio, middle-aged adults who drink diet soft drinks may be drastically increasing their risks of gaining weight later on.

“The Wonders of Garlic”
Volumes could be written about the wonders of garlic.

It has been recognized for centuries for its medicinal qualities as well as for flavoring and enhancing foods.

“The Best Foods for Your Health”
APPLES: Apples are a first-rate source of fiber. They help lower blood pressure, help the body absorb iron from other foods, and might help prevent colds. They can also help prevent night blindness and aid in bowel elimination.

APRICOTS: They speed the healing of wounds and are good for anemia. Good when eaten raw and can be prepared in many interesting dishes.

“Nature’s Miracle Energy Boosters”
There are a number of nature’s miracle energy boosters that you can take advantage of.

Most people don’t consider the value of foods, exercising and common sense when it comes to our daily lives.

“Apples Will Keep You Happy”
Researchers now tell us that grandma was right when she said an apple a day would keep the doctor away!

The humble apple is now being called the all-round health food.

“12 Pillars of Success… about 52 Weeks of “Life-Changing”Lessons… One New YOU!”
In the past 30 months since the launch of The Jim Rohn One-Year Success Plan an astounding 99% of enrollees have stayed committed to a plan of consistent and continual growth in their personal and professional lives.

Like Les Gordon of Hong Kong, “Wow! What else is there to say. This last 12 months has been a truly outstanding experience – the things I’ve learned, the improvements I’ve made – wow!”

“Foods that Trigger Migraine Headaches”
Someone wanted to know what common foods can trigger off migraine attacks, and it may be worth listing them on the board too for all, since migraines are so common today.

But, trigger foods are not the be all and end all of the matter, because there are stress links as well as emotional inputs, hormonal influences, and some medications as well.

“7 Strategies To Stop Eating Junk Food!””
FACT: Obesity accounts for 300,000 deaths a year in the U.S. alone.

Research into how junk food and fast food restaurants affect obesity, have found that there may be a relationship between the number of people per fast food restaurant and how many square miles there are between fast food restaurants located within your local area and obesity rates.

“Herbalife’s diet pill philosophy is to nourish you at the cellular level”
Herbalife’s diet pill philosophy is to nourish you at the cellular level

It’s not surprising that Herbalife Weight Loss management products are among the most popular in the world.

People who use them not only lose weight quickly and safely, but they also feel better and have more energy than they ever imagined possible.

That’s why, even after they have achieved their ideal weight, Herbalife customers should continue to use the products for life.

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“Are You Eating the Right Carbohydrates?”
Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just want to eat healthier, you may be confused by the news you’re hearing about carbohydrates.

With so much attention focused on protein diets, there’s been a consumer backlash against carbohydrates.

“Vitamins and Herbs What’s the Harm?”
With each day more people are turning to herbs and vitamin supplements to ease their pain and/or enhance their overall health.

People are taking control over their own health and we’re telling the medical profession that they are NOT the only answer.

“12 Pillars of Success… about 52 Weeks of “Life-Changing”Lessons… One New YOU!”
And the reason is simple, this 52 Week Plan, built on 12 Pillars of Success, is absolutely the most comprehensive and best of it’s kind ever created! It’s meaty but bite-sized morsels of wisdom combined with action-packed lessons take you step-by-step through an incredible personal journey of discovery.

Not only does it represent the best work of Jim Rohn — the Mentor to Mentors — but it also includes teaching from Zig Ziglar, Loral Langemeier, Brian Tracy, Chris Widener, Bob Burg and others.

“Adding Soy Protein to the Diet”
New studies on the relationship between waist size and the risk for developing heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses suggest that some belt-tightening may be in order.

The circumference of the waist appears to be a better predictor of disease than calculating body fat using weight-to-height or waist-to-hip ratios, researchers have found.

“Herbalife Diet Programs”
Designed to help you dispense with poor eating habits and move onto a healthier lifestyle safely.

To help maximise your shape-up efforts, indulge in two easy-to-make, delicious protein drinks each day; (choose from Dutch Chocolate, Berry, or French Vanilla), then enjoy a balanced meal of your choice during the day.

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