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The prospect of a long sustained weight loss routine can seem a little daunting at first. This is hardly surprising considering the immense changes to lifestyle and habit that such a routine entails.

A common assumption made by people is that weight loss is mainly beneficial for physical change. This is hardly surprising when we think about the constant bombardment of depressed looking stick figure models and celebrities we are treated to from the media

This is a great shame because losing weight is an opportunity to change your entire outlook and mental attitude to life. It is no coincidence that the people who maintain a weight loss routine for a long period of time – or even forever – do so because it becomes less of a chore and more of a positive statement about oneself and where they are going.

With this in mind think about any anxieties or apprehension you might have going into your weight loss routine. Envisage exactly what you are going to look like at the end of it. It might sound corny but for a bit of fun draw up a personal mission statement of 2-3 sentences. By summing up your hopes and dreams you have something to tackle your insecurities, anxieties and inhibitions.

For many, a weight loss routine becomes boring and uninspiring due to that one word – ‘routine’. Whereas some people enjoy having every small detail mapped out for them – and there is nothing wrong with that by the way – others prefer having a bit more spontaneity. Neither one of these attitudes is superior to the other. What is important is how they are applied in real terms.


If you are likely to suffer from boredom or apathy from a programmed routine then by all means mix it up a bit. For instance, you might fancy cycling one week and then rock climbing the next. The ways to burn calories and shed pounds are almost endless. So remember – be an individual. Do not be afraid to express yourself as it is through expressing ourselves that we attain happiness.

Individuality is the key point here. There are hundreds of thousands of different diet and exercise plans out there trying to help you reach your body ideal weight, that are all trying to get you to buy into them. The simple fact when it comes to exercise is that as long as you are maintaining a sustained level of activity over a number of minutes then there really is no issue with what you do.

There is not much point in you taking up cycling or swimming if you find you are not enjoying it over running or playing a sport. Mix things up a bit as necessary if you need to avoid falling into the trap of apathy towards the routine.

Losing weight is a goal and life goal and we all know that achieving something you have put your heart on is the sweetest thing in the world especially if this a goal that has been shared with someone close like a friend or relative. Sharing a goal with someone else can be a great to kick start a routine and inject some spice into it.

They say there is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition and no more so than in the field of weight loss. It is no secret that one of the major reasons behind the success of slimming clubs is due to the effect of group psychology.

It is not necessary to spend money on these schemes though if you know somebody else who is looking to lose weight and can become a gym buddy and extra conscience for you. Better still, a bit of friendly rivalry can go a long way in coming up with the goods.

Striking a bet on weekly targets is one way. Bet your weight loss buddy that you can lose 2lb before them. Or see who can come up with the most nutritious tasty meal with the least calories.

This is all part of the process of having fun with losing weight. It is well documented by psychologists that working towards a goal with others can increase both speed and productivity.

It can be a win win because on top of enjoying yourself in the process oflosing weight- you are also more likely to see results giving that extra boost your motivation and commitment.

Basically body ideal weight loss is a commitment to yourself as a person and as individual. The secret to enjoying yourself – and the process of losing weight – is that you are only limited by your own imagination. Think about what you can do to turn a routine into a lifestyle choice and commitment.

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