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Welcome to our “toolkit for a happier & healthier life” article, we have found at least five tools that are essential for this lifetime toolkit to work……but there are many more, you too will have your own favorites not covered here…..why not share them with our other readers…….just start typing directly into the text box near the foot of the page….it’s that easy!.

If you have experienced a massage session, you already know the wonders a great massage can have on your mind and body. You know about the complete feeling of health and relaxation that overcomes your entire being.

You know about the calmness that permeates throughout the therapy room. And you know about the subtle healing music that gently eases your tension away.

With the holidays fast approaching, many of us will begin to think of our New Year’s resolutions. Without a doubt, ‘lose weight’ and ‘become a healthier and happier person’ will top the list. Unfortunately many of us will never take that first step towards our goals.

We simply do not have the general health and fitness know-how. We know what we want – drop 5 pounds, learn to laugh more, etc- but we do not know the best and safest way to reach those goals.

What if we had 5 simple ideas that would lead us on the path to a healthier life? Would we utilize those tools? We are smart enough to realize there is no magic pill or secret weapon against illnesses, but are we practical enough to realize what will solve many of our health problems?

Below are 5 tools you can use to take your first step towards a healthier and happier holiday season. While they may not reveal a whopping secret, they do provide the complete foundation of health.

Tool No 1 – Strength Training

Every pound of muscle burns 35-50 calories per day. Adding lean muscle mass is the best way to jump start your metabolism, fight osteoporosis and sustain fat reduction.

Tool No 2 – Cardio

Cardio strengthens our heart and lungs. Anything that gets your heart pumping will do: walking, jogging, running, dancing, swimming, biking, or house cleaning. Cardio should be done at varying intensity and time levels.

Tool No 3 – Nutrition

Nutrition is often the hardest part becoming a healthier person. We simply forgot how to eat well in our culture. We need to eat protein, carbs, and fat to sustain our way of life. Cut one of the three out and imbalances will occur.

Tool No 4 – Rest

Rest is not a luxury. It is a necessity. We should eat well every day and we should workout 5-6 times per week. The leftover 1-2 days are meant for rest. Our muscles need time to rebuild and repair themselves.

Tool No 5 – Massage

Massage is extremely beneficial. Massage can stimulate weak, inactive muscles and partially compensate for the lack of exercise and inactivity resulting from illness or injury. It also can hasten and lead to a more complete recovery from exercise or injury.

Participating in a positive strength training, cardio, nutrition, rest and massage program will result in an enormous increase in your personal health!.

There is no magic bullet. Just simple and effective tools to create the life we want. Make a promise to yourself right now. Try using the above tools consistently and to the best of your ability for 4 weeks. You’ll look great and feel amazing.

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Updated: April 20, 2013 — 6:00 am

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