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Dr. John Scheele was the first scholar to introduce the word Naturopathy in year 1895 and was popularized and propagated by Dr. Bendict Lust.

In India Mahatma Gandhi was interested in this system and included this in his program and motivated others also to follow.

It is a holistic system of curing diseases since ancient times.

Hippocrates who was called the father of medicine was also called the father of the Naturopathic medicine because of his proficiency and incorporating diet, hydrotherapy, exercise, fasting and manipulative techniques into his healthcare system.

The foundations or the basic tenets on which the naturopathy system of medicine was developed are: Clean water, Healthy eating, clean relaxation and regular exercise.

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Naturopathy is a holistic system of medicine which has been around since ancient times.

Hippocrates, the Greek father of medicine, could more specifically be called the father of naturopathic medicine as he, like modern Naturopaths incorporated diet, fasting, hydrotherapy, exercise and manipulative techniques into this healthcare system.

Naturopathy is multidisciplinary and embraces many natural ingredients. the basic tenets for a healthy lifestyle – healthy eating, clean water, exercise and clean relaxation – are the foundations on which naturopathic is developed.

Naturopathy is the science of treating the patient and not the disease. It is believed that human body possesses inherent self healing and self constructing power.

So Naturopathy is a system of stimulating the inherent power of body to regain health with the help of five basic elements of life.

These are Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Sky. Naturopaths must also be skilled in Psychology as Psychology is the basic requirement for a Naturopath because Psychological complaints may also be caused by Psychological problems.


The roots of Yoga can be traced from Vedas, which is the oldest record of the Indian culture. It is a holistic system which addresses the problems and body.

Yoga has given India the way to complement medical science.

The origin of Yoga can be traced from vedas.

Yoga was systematized by Patanjali in Yoga Sutra.

Yoga gives us the means to complement medical technology with a holistic system of healthcare that addresses the problems of mind and spirit as well as those of the body.

Today Experts from modern medical sciences have analyzed the role that Yoga play to prevent diseases.

While Medical science aims to cure the disease but Yoga aims to prevent the disease.

Yoga not only gives emphasis to treatment but also on developing the all round health including Physical, mental and spiritual.

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