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The very foundation of having a physically fit body and healthy body is to develop healthy eating habits.

This is necessary for the body so that nutrients can be distributed equally, according to what your body needs to sustain body metabolism and correct nutritional needs.

We have gathered together just a few really useful ways to stay fit & at the top of your game….there are lots of other really useful tips, maybe you have a few of your own you would share with us?….if you do, please add them to the empty text bos near the bottom of this page….all you have to do is type!.

Here are 10 great tips to help you maintain a healthy diet:

1. It is important that you sustain your cholesterol intake below 300 milligrams everyday.

2. Avoid eating meaty products like poultry, egg yolks, and dairy products.

3. You have to measure your total fat intake. Make sure that the fat you take is less than 30 percent to the total calories you take.

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4. It is recommended that you have to eat foods that have complex carbohydrates. Consider eating fruits and vegetables that will help you to gain the necessary dietary fiber that your body needs each day.

5. You must control your intake on saturated fat. Having too much saturated fat on the body can cause to high blood cholesterol levels and lead different kind of side effects and other health problems.

6. High intake of sugar is also the cause of having diet problems. Food products that contain sugar are also high in fat.

7. Include green leafy vegetables and fruits in your food intake everyday. You can eat vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, and fruits that are rich invitamin C are very good in maintaining a balance diet.

8. You have to check your weight regularly. Be active in doing exercises everyday to burn the unnecessary fats in your body.

9. It is advisable that you get the necessary vitamins and minerals from food intakes than taking them from supplements.

10. Get your calcium intake from low fat products such as yogurt and skim milk.

Article kindly contributed by David Exon, Nutritional Consultant, who has donated many more inspiring diet tips, diet blog, health articles and motivation resources to this healthy weight management website

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