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Quality Assurance

The Herbalife logo is your assurance of a high-quality product, support that’s always there for you, and a guarantee of satisfaction you can trust.


Since 1980, Herbalife has been at the forefront of improving personal nutrition through it’s family of trusted consultants, creating advanced products that deliver enhanced benefits to millions of individuals in 59 countries worldwide.

Manufactured using quality ingredients under strictly controlled procedures, this Herbalife quality product has been developed in accordance with government regulations.

Scientific Commitment

As a leader in the wellness industry, Herbalife has proudly established three scientific bodies: the Medical Advisory Board, Scientific Advisory Board and Medical Affairs Group. Together, these teams, comprised of distinguished doctors, award-winning scientists and renowned wellness experts, help advance the field of nutritional science, ensure Herbalife products are high quality and educate customers worldwide on every aspect of good health.

The following are common questions and answers about Herbalife provided by the Herbalife Medical Advisory Board.

1. What is Herbalife?

Herbalife is a scientifically formulated, herbal-based calorie-reduced nutritional “shake” or meal replacement drink (Formula #1) to which has been added food supplements containing important vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and nutritional herbs. The Herbalife regimen has been used for weight control and maintenance of good health for over 23 years by literally millions of individuals in more than 56 countries.

2. Don’t you lose weight on Herbalife because you skip meals?

No. Herbalife’s calorie-reduced regimen encourages participants to eat three meals daily. Two meals are in the form of our nutritionally-balanced meal replacement drink, and the third is a meal of your choice, following guidelines offered by the company. In addition, Herbalife has devised a seven-day recommended meal plan which is distributed with its regimen.Diets which require people to skip meals are unhealthy and promote binge eating.

3. Is Herbalife a “liquid protein” or starvation diet?

Definitely not! Herbalife is neither of these. Our regimen supplies at least 1200-1500 Calories (5020-6300 kilojoules) daily and is nutritionally complete so individuals can lose weight safely and effectively, and, just as importantly, keep the weight off. “Liquid protein” diets, which use nutritionally unbalanced protein-based drinks, or starvation diets which reduce calories to such low levels (less than 500 Calories or 2100 kilojoules daily) that people literally starve to lose weight are both extremely unhealthy and have less than 20% long-term success.

4. How does Herbalife work?

Herbalife supplies all the balanced nutrition the body needs on a daily basis. Individuals who choose to, can lose excess weight by reducing excess calories and not sacrifice important nutrients like protein, potassium and iron. As a result, they feel their best while they lose both excess weight and inches.

5. Is Herbalife “natural”?

The Herbalife regimen is based entirely on nutrition and herbs. The regimen does not use drugs, medications, hormones or other synthetic agents to promote weight loss. All ingredients in the Herbalife regimen must fulfill three important conditions: purity, quality, and stability.

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6. What causes the feeling of increased energy? Is it caffeine?

The weight loss and energy-enhancing effects of Herbalife are the result of its scientifically balanced nutritional formula and are not due to caffeine or any natural or synthetic stimulant.

Herbalife’s 100% herbal product Natural Guarana tea and tablets contain pure guarana which has a naturally occurring caffeine content of about 30mg per tablet (the same amount of caffeine in a small cola drink).

Thermojetics Instant Herbal Beverage also contain small amounts of naturally-occuring caffeine of any sort in any Herbalife product.

7. What do the herbs do and are they safe?

Herbs are nature’s nutritional bounty. They are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, fibre and related nutrients essential for good health.

The herbal mixtures used in Herbalife products have been created by experts to maximize nutritional value.

The herbs are the highest quality available anywhere in the world and are free of pesticide residues and other contaminants.

Tablet preparation of the herbal mixtures occurs under strict quality control to assure purity and safety.

30 day guarantee


No Hassle, No Questions Asked!

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with any Herbalife product purchased from us simply return the unused portion of the Herbalife product within 30 days from the date you ordered the product, in it’s original Herbalife container or box to us for a *REFUND!


How soon after I place my order does my order ship?

Within 24 hrs of being placed and paid for during business days. Actual delivery time varies slightly depending on your location in relation to the Warehouses in your country, but will be delivered to your door.

Most major cities can expect delivery within 2 to 3 business days. Some country areas or International orders may take 7 to 10 business days.


Medical Advisory Board

Herbalife’s Medical Advisory Board (MAB) is chaired by Dr. David Heber and includes award-winning doctors who guide product research and development to ensure the quality, benefits and safety of all products.

Scientific Advisory Board

Herbalife has its own Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) committed to advancing the field of nutritional science.

Medical Affairs Group
Herbalife’s Medical Affairs Group (MAG) includes leading authorities in nutritional science, manufacturing and product innovation.

The Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Laboratory

As a wellness pioneer, Herbalife has donated funds to establish a research laboratory at the Center for Human Nutrition at UCLA.*

What is Herbalife?

Herbalife is a total wellness company offering high-quality weight-loss, nutritional and personal-care products. Herbalife products are sold by a team of more than one-million independent Distributors in more than 59 countries worldwide.

What is direct selling?

Direct selling is defined as, “The sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location.” It is the selling model used to distribute Herbalife products.

Although direct selling has been around for thousands of years, it has become increasingly popular since the 1950’s. Today, many shoppers prefer the higher level of personalized care afforded by direct sales.

What makes Herbalife different from other companies?

Herbalife believes in simplifying good nutrition, making improved health, weight management and enhanced personal care easy to understand and available to everyone for a lifetime.

Distributors can customize programs just for you to make it easy to achieve your wellness goals. Plus, Herbalife is the only company with Cellular Nutrition® technology for your maximum benefit. For more information on Cellular Nutrition®, click here.

Can Herbalife help me lose weight and keep it off?

Yes! For 25 years Herbalife has helped millions of satisfied customers achieve their ideal weight and maintain it with scientifically advanced weight-management programs.

Herbalife offers both a calorie-controlled and a carbohydrate-controlled approach to weight loss, helping you find the program that works best for you.


Based on improved Cellular Nutrition®, Herbalife’s weight-management programs can help you feel better, have more energy and maintain a healthy weight for life. To learn more about Herbalife weight management, click here.

What is Herbalife Outer Nutrition®?

Science has discovered that many of the same nutrients and botanicals that support good health when taken internally can also enhance appearance and well-being used externally.

Herbalife has used this principle to develop a range of personal-care formulas, for body, skin and hair. View the Outer Nutrition® Skin Care and Hair Care products here.

How do I know Herbalife products are safe and effective?

Herbalife places a top priority on providing high-quality, safe and effective products. Herbalife works closely with both the Scientific and Medical Advisory Boards, a team of distinguished doctors, scientists and nutritional experts, who help develop the products.

Through a donation from Herbalife, the Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular Nutrition Laboratory has been established at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Where can I buy Herbalife products? BodyIdealWeightHealthArticleBeautiful body ideal weight web site natural health article about healthy body ideal weight healthy nutrition and exercise plans, lifestyle tips, free ebooks and new health articles resources for your lifetime fitness & healthy weight loss products which you may want family nutrition, womens and mens lifetime fitness & health tips for.

How can I learn more about the Herbalife Business Opportunity?

Herbalife offers one of the most rewarding business opportunities in the direct-selling industry. Our compensation plan returns up to 73% of retail sales to our Distributor force.

We also offer exceptional sales and business training to help ensure your success each step of the way. To find out more about starting your own home-based business as an independent Herbalife Distributor, click here.

Can I be a part-time Herbalife Distributor?

Of course! Although many Distributors decide to go full time with Herbalife, our business opportunity is also an ideal way to earn some extra spending cash by working on a part-time basis. For more information, click here.

How do I sign up to become an independent Herbalife Distributor?

It’s simple. All you need is to purchase the affordable Herbalife International Business Pack. The IBP includes an easy-to-follow training manual that can get you up and running in a matter of hours.

For an investment of less than US $100, you can begin your own business today!

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