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Here at SupaDiet.com we love to give you the lowdown on all kinds of food, so this week we have we taken some of Mcdonald’s most popular meals and have attempted to provide what we personally think may be healthier home-made alternatives (at least in terms of calories!) that can be prepared in about the same time it will take you to go to the golden arches, and queue for your Big Mac ™.

All our alternatives are half the fat and lower in sugar which makes them an attractive and healthy choice.

body ideal weight....hamburger


Regular – 206 calories
Medium – 296 calories
Large – 412 calories
One portion of Ketchup is 26 calories!

* Baked potato medium size with a small portion of cheese is 220 calories but is richer in nutrients and more filling to see you through the day

* Sweet Potato chips are easy to make and can be roasted the night before so just need reheating


Hamburger – 271 calories
Cheesburger – 360 calories
Big Mac – 493 calories
Bacon Cheeseburger – 360 if you go for the double is 478 calories
Quarter-pounder with cheese – 516 calories

The above are all processed if your craving meat how about;

* Make your own burger!

* Salt beef on granary bread

* Grilled 4oz Steak Sandwich in rustic bread the same calories as a Big Mac but so much more flavor!

* A Ham and cheese toastie has less calories than a quarter-pounder with cheese


Chicken Mcnuggets(6) – 212
Chicken Caesar Salad – 354 calories
McChicken Sandwich – 375 calories

* Top alternatives granary bread with sliced chicken and low fat mayo

* Buying iceberg lettuce, chicken breast, shavings of parmesan with a olive-oil, balsamic and lemon dressing has the same calories as Mcdonald’s however much richer in taste and you wont find any unwanted food stuffs.

* Make your own chicken nuggets. Here’s a method we use at www.supadiet.com.

Take a chicken breast bash slightly, rub in oil and lightly flour, soak in egg then rub in homemade breadcrumbs (cheats breadcrumbs are to toast a couple of pieces of bread and them crush with a pestle and motor). You can then fry these up and eat cold the next day – after all how many times is Mcdonald’s food piping hot!

Remember there is a tasty alternative to a McDonald’s, it just takes a little thought and simple preparation!

Helen Porter is a celebrity chef, who has graciously agreed to share her McDonalds alternatives with www.supadiet.com dieting website, the site for tips and free articles on weight loss and diet techniques.

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Updated: November 7, 2013 — 8:37 am

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