Childhood Obesity Expert Responds to Ads Claiming Obesity Epidemic is “Hype”

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 4, 2005 — In response to a new advertisingcampaign that claims the obesity epidemic is merely “hype,” Todd Hollander, childhood obesity expert and author of “We’re Killing Our Kids: How to End the Epidemic of Overweight & Sedentary Children,” has issued the following statement:

“Major newspapers across the United States have recently carried full-page ads claiming that obesity is not an ‘epidemic,’ a ‘problem,’ a ‘threat,’ nor even an ‘issue,’ but merely ‘hype.’

The ads are sponsored by the Center for Consumer Freedom, a public relations company run by Richard Berman, a Washington lobbyist and lawyer.

Berman’s organization was founded in 1995 with donations from tobaccocompanies and restaurants to create opposition to smoking restrictions in restaurants.


When interviewed by the Washington Post, Berman declined to give specifics about the companies that are sponsoring the obesity ads, claiming only that the Center for Consumer Freedom ‘is funded by a coalition of restaurant and food companies as well as some individuals.'(1)According to the Washington Post article, ‘PRWatch, a nonprofit critic of the public relations industry, lists what it claims are the Center for Consumer Freedom’s sponsors on its Web site.’

The obesity ads, like similar campaigns the Center for Consumer Freedom has created for alcohol and tobacco companies, appear to be nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to reduce the sponsoring companies’ liability from consumer litigation. This helps to explain the CFC’s contention that obesity is a myth created by ‘food police, trial lawyers, and even our own government.’


While data about the incidence of obesity may not be definitive, anyone with one or two of the five senses knows that obesity is not only an issue, a threat, and a problem, but also an epidemic with dire physical and economic consequences. Those concerned about this issue should contact the Center for Consumer Freedom and its sponsors.”

Contact: Todd Hollander Phone: 866-809-3396

(1) “The Escalating Obesity Wars,” Caroline E. Mayer and Amy Joyce, Washington Post, April 27, 2005; E01

About Todd Hollander
Todd Hollander is author of “We’re Killing Our Kids: How to End the Epidemic of Overweight & Sedentary Children” (Worthy Press). His perspective on the childhood obesity epidemic is unique. He is not a physician nor a diet or exercise guru, but a market research expert with 20 years experience designing and managing strategic research for Fortune 500 companies.

“We’re Killing Our Kids” is based not only on Hollander’s extensive research into the causes and consequences of childhood overweight, but also the experience of developing and implementing a solution for his children. According to the author, “This book is the result not only of my research but also the experience of applying what I learned in my own family. It is my sincere desire that the book will provide parents and other concerned adults the information, tools, and motivation they need to help children develop a lifestyle of healthy eating and physical fitness.”

For additional information, visit www.toddhollander.com

About “We’re Killing Our Kids” (ISBN 0975316648)
Described as “a book for everyone who cares about children,” “We’re Killing Our Kids: How to End the Epidemic of Overweight & Sedentary Children” sounds the alarm about the dramatic increase in childhood obesity that has resulted in more than 30 percent of American children being overweight, at least 15 percent obese, and millions more at risk. This informative, motivational, and practical guidebook for parents, grandparents, educators, and other concerned adults, reveals:
• How to objectively assess a child’s weight
• 10 leading causes of overweight children
• Physical, economic, and psychological consequences of overweight and obesity
• Myths and facts about nutrition, exercise, and weight loss
• A proven plan for helping children develop lifelong habits of good nutrition and physical fitness

Author Todd Hollander is not a diet or exercise guru but a market research expert and concerned parent who has used his research skills to diagnose and develop a solution to the problem of childhood overweight.

“We’re Killing Our Kids: How to End the Epidemic of Overweight & Sedentary Children” is available at worthypress.com and major online booksellers.

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