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Your body always reveals the way you live your life. It’s common for people to experience heart palpitations, especially when they don’t eat the right kind of food. Other likely culprits here are stimulants like caffeine and coffee. Give up the bad habits and you’ll see your heart beat better. Also, work more magnesium and potassium into your diet as these two things help regulate your heart’s health. There are other food sources as well. Bottom-line is that you need to consider your diet. You can do this when you become a smart eater.

It helps not to just eat everything in sight. The next time you feel so tempted to take a bit at that juicy burger or that creamy apple pie, ask yourself if you’re really hungry. Sometimes, you’re just pushed to buy food because it looks appetizing, not because your stomach needs it. And when you order, it helps to downsize your meals. Instead of going all out, buy in smaller portions. As much as possible, try to avoid buffets especially if you know that you can only go for one round. Eating is not all about how much is on your plate, but how you enjoy your meals without the feelings of guilt afterward.

It always helps to set your limits. Too much of anything can get nasty even if it says low carb on the label. Always eat in moderation. Pour just enough salad dressing on your greens. Limit your consumption of red meat and know what you can take. Your body will thank you for it when you get older. Eat with your head, not with your mouth and neither with your emotions. If you feel depressed, never ever binge. Find other alternatives instead. Try to get into sports or keep yourself busy when you just want to take in all that junk. If you really must treat yourself to a fancy dinner, be mindful of how much is enough. Don’t completely avoid your favorite foods, or depriving yourself too much might trigger rebound overeating. Enjoy what you love, but remember to know when to say stop. Or, you can also opt to eat wholegrain products because these can help you lose more unwanted body fat than if you consumed processed grains.

When you choose certain food items, make sure you are well-informed by always reading the back label. It helps to know what you are putting in your mouth. It’s also a good idea to take several light meals throughout the day. Keep a healthy balance of fruits, sandwiches, nuts, and salads. Life is more than just about counting calories. Do away with the unnecessary stuff as much as possible and feel good about your body inside and out. Supplement your needs with vitamins because even if you eat nutritiously, it’s really hard to get a dosage of each vitamin and mineral every day. Take care of what you have before it’s too late. You also will do yourself a favor, because if you constantly try to live healthier, you’ll see just how much you’ll glow.

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Updated: January 9, 2014 — 2:36 am

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