How to Boost Your Moods

“How to Boost Your Moods” beautiful body ideal weight tips about how to improve bad moods

Beautiful body ideal weight web site about how to improve moods for beautiful body ideal weight information and resources for your bad moods which you may want better mood tips for.

Do you wake up in the morning and dread facing the day ahead?

Are you tired of housework?

Did the boss put on too much pressure?

Do you have too many personal problems?

With the fast pace of today’s world it doesn’t take much to put us in a bad frame of mind. But a bad mood can be overcome if we try.

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Here are some suggestions:

– Go out into the fresh air or by an open window and breathe in and out slowly. Repeat several times.

– Clench fists and arms tightly and hold a few seconds, then relax. Repeat same procedure with shoulders, legs and feet.

– Relax on a chair or sofa. Visualize a relaxing stream of water or mountain of trees… anything tranquil. You can actually lower your blood pressure by 10 points or more within two or three minutes using this procedure.

– Take a short walk, possibly in an area you are not familiar with.

– Spend some time with your favorite hobby and forget everything else.

– Listen to your favorite music.

– Dark rooms can also have an effect on your frame of mind. Turn on lights and music if available. Open windows and doors.

– Avoid getting in a bad mood by never expecting too much. Nothing is perfect. Go about your daily routines and just do the best you can. That’s all anyone can do.

– Call friends on the phone.

– Visit your favorite club.

– Do something for your church so that you can be with people you do not see daily.

– Do something different, something out of the ordinary!.

Contributed by David Exon a Nutritional Consultant.

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Updated: January 1, 2014 — 8:25 pm

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