Body Ideal Weight Abs Diet Workout

by Shirley Benton
(London, UK)

Your abs diet workout need not be necessarily overly strenuous or repetitive. In fact, I have many, many different exercises I do to tone my ab muscles.

Here I will outline just a couple of the abs diet workout exercises I undertake.

As you probably know, it is not at all beneficial to do these every single day. Three days per week is sufficient as your abs muscles need time to recover and grow for you to see the results.

Sit ups on an inclined bench

This is my favorite abs diet workout. Why? Because it can be done almost anywhere, not just at the gym. You need an inclining (sloped) surface. An incline bench at the gym is ideal; however this can also be done at home.

Lay down on your back, hands crossed on your chest and head pointing towards the ground. Legs should be hanging over the edge of the bench.

Attempt to do around 15 reps per set. Once you are comfortable with this, you may add weights to your chest.

This sort of abs diet workout will get your muscle toned in no time at all, as long as you slightly increase your reps, sets or weights gradually.

Upper body lifts

This sort of abs diet workout exercise not only stresses your abs, but also the rest of your upper body including your chest and arms.

I like to do this one at the gym, as I use the equipment that allows you to rest both forearms on two rests, with your hands firmly holding the vertical bars at the end. The arm rests should be elevated enough that you can barely touch the ground once you have pulled yourself up.

Keep your legs together and pull your knees up towards your head. At first it is easier to keep the knees bent, but as you progress, keeping the legs straight will cause greater stress on your muscles.

The abs diet workout would not be complete without one key ingredient – the diet!

Sticking to high protein, low fat foods are essential to build your abdominal muscles.

You absolutely must focus on eating the right foods for your abs diet workout regime, and sticking to this plan is an absolutely vital aspect of toning your ab muscles!

I have mentioned just two of the many exercises that are effective in toning your abs. I do hope you attempt these and others to discover which is the best abs diet workout for you.

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Updated: April 8, 2013 — 8:09 am

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