Body Building…. Do Isometric Exercises Really Work?

by Danny Rodgers
(New York, USA)

If there is something that is debated among bodybuilders more than anything else, it is whether isometric exercises have the ability to help you get larger or not.

On one side of the fence are diehard bodybuilders who think that nothing but heavy weight is going to make a difference while the other says that doing isometric exercises can help you in untold ways.

Here is a little bit about isometrics so that you are able to make the determination for yourself whether they can help you in your individual workouts or not.

In a nutshell, isometric exercises are whenever you use your own bodies resistance or perhaps the resistance of an immovable object in order to provide your body with muscle gain. This is usually done in a particular position in order to increase the strength of the muscle whenever it is in that position.

If isometrics work, it becomes obvious why this is such an important thing to do. Building up the muscle strength in one position can help you to get beyond sticking points, something that many of us have to deal with regularly whenever we are working out.

There have been some studies that were done in the past on isometric exercises and the entire concept of isometrics is certainly nothing that is new. The unfortunate thing is that many of these studies have been lost, either to time or to the fact that they really were unpopular during the time that they were done.

In almost every instance, these tests indicated that isometric exercises were not only able to help you to get stronger, they also helped you to put on muscle mass in many cases.

I tend to take a balanced approach whenever it comes to isometric exercises. I enjoy doing them and I do them regularly at home but it is also something that I don’t do in favor of going to the gym regularly as well.

I feel that isometrics have their place and I do feel as if I have seen an improvement in my strength and muscle size since I have made them a regular part of my workout routine.

The best part about isometrics is the fact that they are able to be done at home so I can really do them in between my workouts and help to enhance my overall abilities

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Updated: April 7, 2013 — 1:23 pm

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