Body Building?

I'd like to know what would be the best for gaining muscle, not so much about losing fat… but I'll just put it in number and question form.

1. What's the kind of products used for building muscle faster? (Like the GNC products and what have you. Creatine(sp?))

2. Vitamins you can buy over-the-counter (like at Walgreens) that can increase energy and metabolism?

3. Any suggestions to help me get in shape?

Also, what's the best workout routine?

It all depends how serious you are about this, I can tell you a whole list of stuff to do that will maximize results, but I bet 9 out of 10 people wont even do half of it.

If you want to grow, you should have a workout split. Do 2 body parts a day for 5 days a week. You should only workout each body part a max of 2 times a week for max growth. The best rep range for growth is 8-12 reps per set. You should 3-4 sets per exercise, and 3-4 exercises per muscle for a total of 12 sets per muscle.

Now when you workout, I think you should take notes of what weight your using and the exercises your doing. You should actually write down the exercises your doing at home before you go out and do them. You need to change your excercises probably every once in a while. Something about them. At first increasing weight works well, but eventually youll have to change the exercises your doing for the body part. Sometimes you can change the order, other times actual exercises, and other times you change the number of reps your doing, because eventually what your doing will become less effective.

What you really should do is get some workout magazines and do the routines in them. They have some good routines and they have new ones every month so your never doing the same thing for too long. Also look for stuff online, routines, exercises etc… Youtube is great if you want to learn new workouts and all that…

Now the diet part and then we'll talk about products you can take. When it comes to bodybuilding, your diet is 60% and your workouts are 40%. You need to have your bodyweight x 1.5 – 2 in protein. So if you weight 150 pounds, you should have 225 grams to 300 grams of protein a day. Most of it should be in food, so about 40 grams a meal, maybe a little more or less. You should have a whey protein shake right when you wake up (because your body hasnt been getting food overnight while you were sleeping) and 2 scoops after your workout. You should have some fast carbs after your workout with your protein shake. Either a little bit of candy or some white bread or something. This causes your body to release insulin so the protein gets taken to your muscles faster, and it also replaces the lost glycogen in your muscles from your workout. Some people even take a scoop before their workouts.

What you need from GNC is a bottle of whey protein. Dont buy muscle milk, its primary protein is not whey protein. Buy something low in fat. Dont worry about carbs in the protein.

Some people like creatine, it makes your muscles look fuller, but also keep in mind, for many people, at least in the beginning, they get upset stomach, gas, or diarrhea. It eventually goes away, but its most common with creatine monohydrate, so try to get a CEE or kre-alkaline creatine.

There are some studies that show creatine actually causes you to build a little more muscle, but keep in mind that you will lost the effects and muscle fullness caused by it once you stop taking it. Also creatine might make you look a little more puffy because it does cause water retention in other parts of the body other then muscle also.

You should be taking a daily vitamin and fish oils. 5 grams of fish oils a day. Some people like to take the bodybuilding vitamins, and they are good, but kinda expensive. For energy, theres tons of stuff, I like syntrax fyre.

As far as the suggestions…. I think you should find a workout partner. It will probably make you goto the gym more, and you can learn from each other. Also, you can really push yourself on some exercises like the bench press because you will have someone to spot you. Just stick to your schedule and follow the food and workout plan and youll see results.

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