Body Building Tips – Don’t Forget Your Bottle!

by Gerry Smith
(New York, USA)

I go to the gym on a regular basis and I have been involved in natural muscle building for many years. There is an alarming trend that I am noticing, however, among many of the individuals that are going to the gym.

It is the fact that they are skipping the bottle whenever they are at the gym and this can be hurting their muscle growth in the number of different ways.

What I’m talking about is the water bottle and if you don’t have one by your side whenever you’re lifting weights, you are not getting the most benefit out of it.

Many of us think about protein and carbohydrates whenever we think about what our body needs in order to grow muscle and get strong.

The fact of the matter is, however, our body does use these things regularly in order to build muscle and to keep our body running but we are not made up of protein and carbohydrates, we simply use them to maintain ourselves.

What we are made up of, however, is water and a very high percentage of our entire body is based on water, up to 97%. If we are not maintaining that water in our bodies, we are not maintaining our body at all.

Another reason why you would not want to get dehydrated at the gym is because you will lose a lot of your mental capacity whenever you are losing water.

The brain requires water for you to function and if it is not receiving enough water in the way of what you’re drinking, it will simply pull it from other parts of your body whenever possible.

When we get dehydrated, our brain begins to get sluggish and we do not have the mental capacity that is necessary to gain muscle naturally. Since much of what we are doing in the gym is based on our thinking abilities and mental perceptions, making sure that we are hydrated is a very important part of it all.

How much water should you drink? That has been debated over and over again by many individuals but I find that by drinking half of my body weight every day in ounces of water, I am able to stay hydrated properly and I do not lose out on muscle growth.

Make sure that you drink water regularly and you will notice a difference in the way that your body reacts.

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Updated: March 26, 2014 — 7:23 am

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