Body Building Ideal Abs Diet For Woman!

by Hilary Jones
(Bridgend, Wales, UK)

Protein, protein, protein. We all know that protein is the key to muscle building, but how much are you supposed to eat? And what about the other food groups, should they be left out?

These are questions people grapple with when wanting to build abdominal muscles (otherwise known as a six pack!).
A woman’s abs diet is not vastly different to a man’s in content. Rather the quantity can vary, depending on your body size.

An abs diet for a woman should still consist of an array of high protein foods. This is the basic rule of muscle building, and a woman wanting abs is no different in this respect to a guy who is working to build himself up into a beefcake. Sure, a woman will eat LESS protein than a man; however the menu will remain overall quite similar.

Some examples of foods in an abs diet for a woman include plenty of lean meats (chicken and turkey in particular) as well as fish, eggs, milk, protein drinks and protein bars (beware of some of these containing high amounts of sugar, always read the label).

If you are a vegetarian then you should not be concerned with getting enough protein, because there are plenty alternatives to meat that are protein rich; in particular vegetables, beans, lentils and legumes. These are all easily added to any meal.

It goes without saying that in addition to the above mentioned protein rich foods, a woman wanting abs also needs to stick to a diet of fresh vegetables.

Fatty foods should obviously be avoided, as should the usual junk food, greasy take out and high sugar foods.

Yes, carbohydrates are still required here. Try to stick to high fiber, wholemeal varieties where possible – personally I am totally off white carbohydrates now. Not only is wholemeal better for you, it also tastes better than its white counterpart.

The carbohydrates a woman wanting abs should consume include brown rice, potatoes, oatmeal, high fiber cereals and breads.

Food should not be eaten in large amounts. In other words, graze like a cow. Eating several times a day will help your metabolism, and will also stop you from feeling bloated and tired after eating, as can often happen after a large meal.

So there you have it – a basic diet outline for a woman wishing to build her abs.

Remember diet is just one half of the equation – the fun part is the exercise!

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Updated: March 14, 2014 — 2:32 pm

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