Body Building: I want to have my body cut but I don't want to turn huge, I just want to be cut, can you help

I don't want to be huge because I'm short, it won't look good on me, I do have some cuts in my body, I do have biceps and triceps and my pectorals do show a little and also I have some packs. But I want to be cut without harming me and without affecting my growth. I'm 16 years old and I'm only 160cm, and I'm waiting to grow taller. Do you have any exercises to help me without harming me?


By the way I am thin, I don't have any fat in my body, at all!

First of all, don't worry about bodybuilding or lifting heavy weights stunting your growth. There isn't a shred of medical evidence to support the idea lifting weights affects growth. Secondly, gaining muscle is a lot harder than most people realize and the amount you gain is mostly dependent on your diet and caloric intake. So, if you don't want to gain a lot, just scale back your diet when you've reached the point you want to be at.

Sounds to me like you're mostly interested in losing the current bodyfat levels while maintaining what muscles you have. So, what you could do is go into a “cutting phase” – stay with the heavy weights, increase the volume a little with weights workout, increase cardio and decrease carbs a little at a time so that you reach the point you're losing bodyfat but not strength, and hence lean muscle.

Typically, bodybuilders go through gaining and cutting phases over the course of several months. Though you may not want to “turn huge”, you can still follow this pattern to the degree you wish. It's a very rare individual who can gain muscle and lose bodyfat at the same time, nearly everyone has to do one then the other in order to be successful.

For weights, stick with primarily compound movements, or movements involving two or more joints, using isolation exercises only to supplement primary lifts. Work on perfecting form – without good form gains will be minimal and you risk injury. Learn from experienced adults, preferably a decent certified trainer, not other teens who don't have much more experience than you. Learn about nutrition and how it effects your body and how you can use it to manipulate your body composition and metabolism. Successful bodybuilders and athletes are typically nutrition experts.

As for cardio, always do weights before cardio. Study after study has shown the high intensity cardio is superior for fat loss and retaining muscle than low to moderate intensity longer sessions.

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