Body Building……….?

i'm currently 16 and i want to start to build up muscles now… i'm kinda fat now and i need help on making a timetable for my body building and jogging… can anyone assist me on this? cos i don't know anything about body building… >.< and i'm now also drinking milk everyday…. what are the other food that i have to consume to help the body building process?

oh and i only have 1 dumb bell and it's a 3kg dumb bell…

i also heard that egg white is needed as well… how many eggs are needed a day? is it alright to boil it? and when to eat it?

thanks… =)

First off, you're only 16, so don't push it too hard.

You can skip cardio almost entirely if your aim is to buff up. Keep it to a slow warmup.

Next, spread out the days that you work different parts of your body. This will maximize gains and restitution and minimize downtime and risk of injury.

One three kilo dumb bell won't do much. You'll either have to join a gym, or figure out a way to do the exercises needed using your own body and as resistance.

Eggs are fine. Not necessarily whites, the plum is just as good for you. The cholesterol is not a problem for a 16 year old. Eggs and milk are some of the healthiest things you can eat when bulking.

As for how many… the more the better. You should consider protein supplements if you get tired of eating the same thing over and over. (although drinking the same thing isnt much better, at least it's a lot simpler :))

If you're bulking, all your meals should be full of protein, but especially before and after workouts, and at night.

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