Body Builders Can Now Skip That Protein Shake

by Larry Burke
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

For many of us, drinking protein shakes has become a way of life and we have either gotten used to the taste of the protein shakes that we are taking or we have learned how the doctor them up to the point where they do not taste like a protein shake at all.

You might be surprised to learn, however, that it is not always necessary for you to take the shakes in order to experience muscle growth.

As a matter of fact, drinking these shakes on a regular basis may actually be detrimental to your muscle growth in many ways. How is this so?

One of the reasons why this is the case is because the protein that you are getting whenever you are having one of the shakes is dead protein. It has either been heated over 115°, which kills the important enzymes that are in the protein or else it is been processed to the point where it has been rendered lifeless.

Yes, body builders are officially getting protein whenever we have one of the shakes but that does not mean that we are getting the protein that we need in order to truly experience massive muscle growth.

You might be surprised to learn that many fruits and vegetables and other raw ingredients that are available in nature around us contain just as much protein as one of the shakes.

Not only that, but when they are eaten in their raw form, they provide us with all of the enzymes that are body needs in order to grow and to properly digest and assimilate all of the amino acids and proteins that we are getting.

In other words, when you are body building or strength training you can eat less of a good thing and end up getting more out of it than if we were constantly pounding protein shakes, one after the other.

Of course, there are natural things that are higher in protein and amino acids than others. Quinoa sprouts, for example, are some of the best things that you can eat if you are trying to build muscle.

You can also eat kale and other greens, as these also contain natural proteins that your body needs.

Fruit is also an important part of this as the sugars that it contains and the natural ingredients on the inside will help to give you a boost, keep your body healthy and most importantly, keep it growing.

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Updated: June 29, 2013 — 7:20 am

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