1. manchesterdanny9181

    Very inspirational dude keep up the good work!!

  2. Alexander Toailoa

    Amaze-balls! Congrats Billy!

  3. Billy!! You are amazing and have come so far. This short video has got me
    pumped up to change my life for the better. Very inspirational!! Keep
    inspiring & I hope to share my success story with you. I will start now!
    Thanks, Billy!!!!

  4. SweetNothingsInUrEar

    who would thumbs this down? awesome!

  5. this is so inspiring!

  6. What can I do to get my stomach flat and looking like yours

  7. Just seen u on I.g good work

  8. Whoa man! I didnt get to watch it all happen closely, but I did see a lot
    of it. Congrats man.

  9. You owe me new pants dude… the fire you lit completely ruined my pants!

  10. More vids please!

  11. 3 people are morons!! Great job and very inspiring video man!!

  12. like a propi with some tren and booom aesthetics ftw

  13. Very good motivational video

  14. Help me…i try to lose weight but every dai food is a tentation. I want
    tone up my body and be happy!

  15. I doubt he’s just fishing for compliments. If you check out his instagram
    he does post pictures and recipes of his meals. He also has a few of his
    routines uploaded on there. Instagram: billykfitness It’s super helpful!

  16. Huge inspiration bro. Congrats not only on achieving your goal but pushing
    further on it. Continue your mission and we are all here to support you as
    you have with everyone.

  17. Stop hating bro, he just trying to show how he improved his life He
    shouldn’t have to inspire to get up off your fat ass, you should want to do
    it yourself. Seems to me you don’t have the right mind state to get fit

  18. stay away from carbs eat meat vegies and fruit, and since i know your going
    to ask carbs are breads pastas ect ect. this is for losing weight if it
    aint meat, fruit or vegies, dont eat it and you will be fine. as for
    working out cardio and weight training. there you lost soul. hope you find
    your way best of luck

  19. Spreading the truth

  20. Great 😀

  21. Very good

  22. do u use any sups ? 

  23. Nice :)

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