1. It seems like everywhere I go, 7/10 women are fat. That’s where all this
    butthurt is coming from.

    All these fat women, and guys with fat girlfriends are pissed off when they
    see a fit girl.

    It’s fit shaming by fat fuck buffet hounds. They’ll call any girl that’s
    fit “anorexic” because she doesn’t have a dumpy ass and folds on her gut.

    Well.. fuck you fat-asses. I like slim girls and won’t even give a fat
    bitch a second look.

  2. Haters gona Hate

    I don’t get it, this girl has accomplished what she set out to do, and
    apparently happy with herself, in doing so she made a lot of people
    miserable, wounder why? 

  3. 105lbs?My breakfast weighed more than that.

  4. I’m happy for her that she lost weight but I honestly think she lost too
    much. you don’t need to be that skinny. I hope she does good and doesn’t go
    crazy trying to stay thin. 

  5. She seriously has a problem but she just doesn’t want to admit it. Who
    would admit it when all eyes are on them… I don’t think losing more than
    half your weight so fast can possibly be healthy. And she looks 20 years
    older than her actual age, in my opinion she should try gaining the 10
    pounds to look somewhat normal and pretty faced like she used to be…But
    congrats to her on becoming somewhat healthy 

  6. 5 pounds from double-digit weight is healthy?! Okay!!!!!

  7. She doesn’t need to answer back to those fatties complaining about her. 

  8. stfu

  9. What am I’m missing the show is called THE BIGGEST LOSER , what’s wrong ?

  10. Good for her to loose wait and accomplish her goal but she lost a little to

  11. Sexy

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