Best Workout DVDs for Men

5. Men’s Health – 15 minute workout DVD

This DVD has an instructional program that offers advice on how to get in shape with little time. This is great for that very busy man with no time to breathe let alone workout, but yet he can still throw in 15 minutes to get fit and stay on top of that hot body. It will definitely be worth it in the end. Purchase for an unbelievable $8.39 on www.EBay.com


4. Stott Pilates – Reformer workout for men DVD

This DVD holds an amazing 19 different exercises on 130-minute DVD that focuses on strength, agility, definition and tone. Learn what strength versus endurance means and how to get your abs and biceps to show more tone with less effort. It is available in both English and Spanish for all those latin hotties as well. With so many different exercises you will never be bored or want to put this DVD down. Purchase for $29.99 at www.dickssportinggoods.com

3. The bedroom workout for men- better sex through exercise

This DVD includes an innovative program that is designed to improve a man’s sexual performance through exercise. What better way to keep on top of the game! You will love the outcome of your body and so will she! Trust me. You don’t want to sleep on this one and you will find yourself popping this DVD into your player more often than not to keep yourself in tip top bedroom shape all the time. Purchase for $19.99 at www.amazon.com

2. Ultimate shape fitness video

Get fit, lose weight and build muscle with this selection and collection of wonderful DVD’s. These DVD’s are widely used in England and men everywhere swear by them. Choose a different one everyday or even try them all at one time for an all out blast! Purchase for $23.98 each at www.ultimateshapeltd.com

1. The Pilates workout DVDs for men

Men this DVD is for you. This one will test your endurance and stamina all the while keeping you fit and serene. Not only will your body be tested with this workout but so will your mind. This will give you a quick lesson about what Pilates really is and how it can benefit you. The best thing about this DVD is you can use it no matter what type of shape you are in to start improving yourself from the inside out. Purchase for $27.00 at www.amazon.com

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