Best Ways to Motivate Yourself to Go to the Gym

Regardless of how much you love or hate to exercise, actually getting yourself to the gym is a different story. You have to pay bills. You have to cook dinnerm, et cetera. I have found that using these techniques make the difference between my thinking of going to the gym and actually going.

Here’s my number one tip – choose a gym you actually like and where you feel at ease. Many areas have multiple gyms from which to choose; some, not so many. If a gym is a meat market and you’re not interested in picking someone up, or being picked up, then don’t join. In the long run, you will just quit going and waste a bunch of money. If you are self-conscious about your weight and you want a gym that welcomes people of all sizes and shapes, Curves is definitely worth checking out. They have 10,000 locations worldwide and offer weight management resources in addition to their gym equipment and professionals. I have listed their website below.

Number two – make a date. If you call up your friends and have them meet you there, or if you exercise with your family, it will probably actually happen because you have external sources of motivation, so to speak. Call them up in advance and remind them that you need nagging to get you to the gym. Remember, this works out for them, too. Maybe they need some motivation!

Number three – buy some hot workout gear. Spend some time shopping for it, but hopefully not a lot of money. You can find deals on workout gear if you look, particularly right now. Just off the top of my head, I have bought cute, inexpensive workout gear from Target and Copeland Sports, but I’m sure there are plenty of others out there as well. Now you have all of that great workout stuff to wear, time to show it off. Incidentally, workout gear these days is so stylish that you might find yourself wearing some of it outside of the gym!

Number four – Note that many sources, including surveys and research studies, have identified a relationship between pay and body weight. Want to give yourself a pay hike? Get to the gym! Check out the attached article on the relationship of weight to not only income, but marriage prospects as well. According to the article, this hits women the hardest, but I’m sure losing weight helps everyone with regard to income.

Number five – Exercise helps you sleep and “puts the spark back in your sex life!” I have listed a link below for the Mayo Clinic’s summary of the benefits of exercise. I think you will be surprised at some of them, like the fact that exercise “combats chronic diseases.” This is also a wonderful reference for learning how to work out, in and outside of a gym.

Number six – Have a close friend or family member take a picture of your – umm – posterior – and paste it to the front of your fridge. I think for most people (myself included) their posterior is the least favorite part of their anatomy. That is a surefire way to propel yourself into your hot gym clothes and on your way to the gym!

Number seven – Get help. When you get to the gym, see what they have in the way of personal training. Sometimes it just takes a few sessions with a personal trainer to get you started on a great routine. And they can direct you to the best equipment (and show you how to use it) to meet your fitness goals.

If you haven’t been to the gym in awhile (or ever), there are many pieces of gym equipment out there that will astound you. My personal favorites are the arc trainer and the elliptical trainer, which are pieces of equipment that mimic walking but are designed to minimize the physical impact on your body, while giving you the most productive workout. The equipment includes an electronic component which is easy to program, helps you customize your workout, and gives you instant feedback in terms of information such as heart rate and calories burned.

So definitely get out to your local gym and see what it has to offer! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or look silly. All of us look silly when we first start working out – remember that. And think of how great you’ll look if you hang out at your gym on a regular basis!

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