Best Treadmills For Home Use

For some, the very thought of getting hot, sweaty and out of breath might be off-putting enough. Phrases like “go for the burn” and “no pain, no gain” don’t help matters any.

Others may be a little self conscious. They might have a bad body image, and an element of low self esteem can definitely be a factor in keeping some people out of the gym. It’s easy to imagine your local health club as being populated by bronzed gods and goddesses with perfect bodies. The truth is a little more prosaic than that – but it’s an image that definitely keeps some people away.

Another discouraging factor can be the cost. Monthly gym memberships can be rather pricey, to say the least. Some people will struggle to justify spending “discretionary” money when things are already tough financially.

Those are just some of the reasons why people tend to avoid joining gyms. It also goes some way to explain why home fitness products are so popular.

Workout DVDs and videos are always good sellers, especially in the early part of the year when people make their new year’s resolutions and try to get in shape for the summer. Keep fit software for games consoles, such as the Wii and the Xbox, is also becoming ever more popular.

Another option for those who don’t wish to make the trek to the gym, for whatever reason, is to get their own exercise equipment for use in the family home. Such equipment isn’t cheap of course, but if you compare it to the cost of gym membership, it can pay for itself fairly quickly.

And besides, what price would you put on your health and fitness?

Proform Treadmills Sale on Amazon

Proform 505 CST Treadmill
Amazon Price: $999.99 $592.45

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(price as of Sep 21, 2013)

Proform treadmills offer great value for money. They are specifically designed to be long lasting and use special cooling techniques to make sure that the motor will last for a long time.

Proform Treadmill Design Features Video Review

Choosing A Home Treadmill

A treadmill is a good choice for anyone who wants to exercise at home. Walking is a low impact, low intensity workout which is suitable for most people. Having your own treadmill at home can be very useful for anyone who wants to get into better shape and improve their health and fitness level.

When choosing a home treadmill, here are a few points that you might want take into consideration:

  1. Make sure that the treadmill you choose is suitable for someone of your weight and build.
  2. Choose a treadmill with a track which is large enough to accommodate your stride length.
  3. Decide how you will be using your treadmill. Will you walk, jog, run – or all of these? Make sure that your treadmill has an adequate range of speeds for your anticipated requirements.
  4. Make sure that you have sufficient space for your treadmill when in operation. Also consider where you will store it when not in use (most home treadmills fold for easy storage).
  5. Don’t forget to keep your treadmill lubricated by applying an appropriate lubricant (silicone is most commonly used) between the belt and frame. That will help to extend its life.
  6. Consider getting a special mat, or “click-together” flooring for your treadmill. That will minimize noise and vibration and prolong the life of your treadmill.

Decide what features you need and choose the best treadmill for the money according to your requirements. Don’t pay too much for features that you don’t need and won’t use.

LifeSpan Folding Treadmill For Home Use

LifeSpan TR 1200i Folding Treadmill (2013 Model)
Amazon Price: $1,499.99 $719.00

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(price as of Sep 21, 2013)

This is a great treadmill with a large, stable track. It folds up for easy storage when not in use.

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