Best Subliminal Music for Weight Loss

The best music for weight loss is subliminal music specifically geared for encouraging healthy and moderate eating. Think of subliminal weight loss CD’s as food for your subconscious brain.

According to Prevention Magazine, listening to soft sounds motivates people to dine longer and order more foods while eating out. If you listen to fast, loud music you may match your eating to the rhythm of the music-gobbling down everything on your plate.


Eating more while listening to music may be similar phenomena to zoning out while watching television, and not realizing you just finished off an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

But you don’t have to completely turn off all music and sounds while eating. Listening to health and fitness subliminal or weight loss hypnosis CD’s is a lot better than doing crazy diets such as the HCG diet or the Baby Food Diet. You won’t be as easily tempted by treats, by friends who try to make you fat or food pushers.

When it comes to the best music for weight loss, I recommend the following subliminal/hypnosis tapes:

No. 1: Best subliminal music CD for weight loss: InnerTalk’s “Freedom from Sugar,” with the nature soundtrack. InnerTalk has a number of health related CD’s including Joy of Exercise, Weight Loss Now, Freedom From Junk Food, Forever Thin, Fit and Healthy and Weight Loss. InnerTalk nature soundtracks are fine to play in the background while dining.

No. 2: Best subliminal music CD for weight loss: Kelly Howell of Brain Sync’s Weight Loss CD includes positive messages such as “I am active, attractive and in demand,” and “I love myself, I feel great,” “I relax into my perfect weight,” “I burn fat,” “I love exercise.” Kelly Howell’s music is relaxing and fine for listening to while dining.

No. 3: Best hypnosis CD for weight loss: Rena Greenberg, the author of “The Craving Cure,” creates a weight loss CD for her clients who attend her Wellness Seminar for Weight Control and others. Her CD should be listened to while lying down as she talks throughout the CD. It would not be ideal for listening to while dining, but perhaps during a rest before dinner or before lunch. It’s also good to listen to right before falling asleep. It may help you even get a better night sleep which is important for weight loss.

I have used Kelly Howell, InnerTalk and Rena Greenberg’s subliminal/hypnosis CD’s for weight loss. I like to mix it up and alternate between different messages and weight loss CD’s. I found the CD’s made me crave healthy Thai food and Creamy Buckwheat!

From what I’ve noticed, the biggest mistake people make when purchasing a subliminal or hypnosis CD for weight loss is thinking they only need to listen to it a handful of times for success.

Just as you need to feed your body healthy food every day, you need to feed your mind healthy messages every day. If you don’t feel comfortable listening to subliminal messages; then speak positive affirmations out loud every day!

You can also try what I call “NLP mind tricks,” to lose weight.

Bottom line: Don’t listen to loud, fast music while eating. And don’t listen to relaxing music that makes you linger at the dinner table too long. Do listen to weight loss subliminal tapes with relaxing nature sounds or instrumental music. It’s the easy way to lose weight, and who doesn’t like that melody?

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