1. Nākd bars are also very good! 🙂 thanks for the video

  2. Thank you so much for the useful tips Nikki!! Love you so much! Please do
    more videos any kind of fitness videos! I more prefer to watch your video
    compared to see you in the pictures! Hope you have a nice day! Support you
    all time!! ^^ 

  3. Great snacks ideas! I don’t know how I missed part 1 but I am gonna search
    for it now! Love your videos!! Your detox plan is amazing!!

  4. Awesome Tips. I’ll try some. Thanks!

  5. you trying to open that package is funny! I puree those dates to put into
    recipes in place of oil. Now that I have lost 45 lbs (I used HCG Activator
    from GNC) and totally changed what I eat, I am looking into how to maintain
    this weight (where I was before perimenopause) and vlogging my experience.

    How do you show the products w/o youtube flagging you?

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