Best Fat Loss Workout Routine

The best fat loss workout routine is one you can do consistently and with the equipment you have. If you have a home gym or a membership, great, if not, you need one that includes little equipment. In this free article I give you options for both.

Best Fat Loss Workout Routine – Gym

It has been proven that lifting weights is very conducive to fat burning and can help burn calories a LOT faster than just doing plain old cardio. The free weights in the gym are the best, although there are some machines that are good such as cable machines, the free weights are the hardest and most challenging to your body = most weight loss. Here is a great fat burning routine for the gym:

  • Deadlifts – 4 x 10
  • Back squats – 5 x 10
  • Bench press – 4 x 8
  • Clean and press or military press – 4 x 10
  • Calf raises – 4 x 30
  • + any ab workout

Do these in a style with very little rest between sets and different exercises to get you sweating and aiding the lean body creation.

Best Fat Loss Workout Routine – No equipment

Do these workouts in a circuit style – do a whole circuit then start again once finished:

  1. Burpees x 20
  2. Free squats x 50
  3. Jumping jacks x 75
  4. Plank hold x 1min
  5. Wall sit x 1 min
  6. Bicycle crunch x 50

This workout should be done about 4 times through with high intensity.

If you would like more workouts and fat burning methods like this – for free, then let me give you all you can handle right now. You will burn fat faster and easier than ever before with my help – guaranteed.

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