Best Fad Diets

Some of the best fad diets are the worst diets for your health unless you know how to glean the good diet principles and ditch the bad.

Here’s a crash course in crash dieting: what parts of the diets really works and what parts will only set you up to quickly gain fat when you go off the diet.

But first, what makes a diet a fad diet? Fad diets or crash diets typically have bizarre rules about what you can and can’t eat. Fad diets and crash diets, such as the Beyonce diet or Master Cleanse, promise fast weight loss. Oftentimes, the crash diet will have various “phases,” with the first phase being the most stringent for rapid weight loss. Many people feel as though they are in a constant state of deprivation or denial with fat diets or crash diets. This sets them up for failure as they suffer with diet rebellion.

Here are the best fad diets or, you could say, the worst fad diets that have been revised for safer results:

No. 1: Magical Grapefruit Diet

Pick This Fad Diet: The Grapefruit Juice Diet: The Grapefruit Juice Diet is really just a healthier eating plan that incorporates drinking grapefruit juice in the morning for breakfast. You can have five meals a day and about 1,200 calories. The Ultra Slimming Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice really packs nutritional and dietary punch with three grams of fiber and Omega-3 from fish oil.

Not That Crash Diet: The Grapefruit Diet. The Grapefruit diet allows you to eat a half a grapefruit before each meal for 12 days. But you are only allowed to eat two eggs, and two pieces of bacon for breakfast followed by meat and salad the rest of the day. You only consume about 800 calories on the diet.

No. 2: Magical Cleanses

Pick This Fad Diet: The McCombs Plan. The McCombs Plan, formerly called the Lifeforce Plan, is a Candida cleanse designed by Dr. Jeffery McCombs. The plan involves taking supplements to fid the body of Candida albicans and then replenish the good bacteria in the body with probiotics. I’ve tried the eating plan and it’s extremely healthy and does not leave you feeling deprived. It’s outlined in his book, “LifeForce: A Dynamic Plan for Health, Vitality and Weight Loss.”

Not That Crash Diet: The Master Cleanse diet, which was made famous by Beyonce. The Master Cleanse or Beyonce diet involves drinking lemon juice with maple syrup and cayenne pepper for 10 days. It’s not safe at all. Beyonce may have lost weight quickly on it, but it only set her up to lose muscle and gain fat after the diet was over.

No. 3: Magical Soups

Pick This Fad Diet: Volumetrics Diet by Barbara Rolls. The volumetrics diet emphasizes eating a lot of soups and salads and foods that fill you up. You can eat more but take in fewer calories by avoiding dense fattening foods. It’s a great idea!

Not That Crash Diet: Cabbage Soup Diet. The diet involves all you can eat cabbage soup for seven days. You can also eat various “allowed” foods such as any fruit except bananas on the first day. On the second day, you are allowed vegetables. You have skim milk on day four and meat on day five. It’s an absurd diet.

Other fad diets include the Baby Food Diet. One good point to the baby food diet is giving your body a rest from solid foods. But that can be easily accomplished by eating low-sugar yogurts or protein shakes made with a variety of products such as Almased, Fit Smart,Spiru-Tein with Amazing Grass or Fast Shake. I use Almased for making protein shakes after a workout.

Some fad diets such as the Beyonce diet or Master Cleanse diet leave you too tired to work out. Granted, when you are trying to cut calories, you may not have the energy for anything as intense as the Insanity Workout, but you should be able to handle The Firm, Denise Austin workouts or gentle Pilates. If you can’t exercise at all, it’s a sign you are on one of the worst fad diets.

When it comes to the best crash diets, find what works and is healthy for your body! Aim to lose 2 to 3 pounds of fat a week at most. If your doctor approves of you on the diet, don’t stay on a more fanatical phase of a crash diet for more than three days!

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